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Election Special 2016

  1. election special 2016
    Trump’s Appeasers: Charles Lindbergh Is a Cautionary Tale for RepublicansHe was a national hero, then a fascist sympathizer. History will be just as brutal to more than a few current GOP leaders.
  2. election special 2016
    Here Are All the Insane Things You’ve Probably Forgotten About Trump’s CampaignFrom conspiracy theories to the head-scratching things his supporters actually said to that incident with the vacuum-packed meat.
  3. The GOP’s Age of Authoritarianism Has Only Just BegunAnd it will not end with a Clinton presidency.
  4. The Final Days of Trump’s Unmanageable, Unrepentant, and Unprecedented CampaignHis advisers are working hard to plan out their own futures while riding out the roller-coaster end of the election.