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  1. media
    If Sarah Palin Wins, Fox News Could LoseWhy both liberals and conservatives should be careful about opening up libel law.
  2. politics
    Supreme Court Keeps Eroding the Voting Rights ActWithout so much as a hearing, conservative justices restored an Alabama congressional map designed to minimize Black representation.
  3. explainer
    The Supreme Court’s Radical Texas Abortion Law Ruling & What Comes NextA guide to the Texas abortion ban’s “vigilante” enforcement system, the Supreme Court’s shocking response, and the coming flood of legal battles.
  4. eviction moratorium
    Supreme Court Strikes Down Part of New York’s Eviction MoratoriumBy refusing New York tenants a presumption of financial distress, the Court may be signaling its intentions for the national moratorium.
  5. u.s. supreme court
    Supreme Court Smiles on Voter Suppression and Big DonorsAfter showing caution all term, the conservative majority closed by eroding the Voting Rights Act and threatening campaign-finance-reform efforts.
  6. supreme court
    How a New Conservative Justice Could Affect the Supreme CourtA conservative Court would move to the right even more than arithmetic suggests on key issues like abortion as Roberts abandons his balancing role.
  7. supreme court
    Supreme Court Allows Trump Restrictions on Obamacare Contraception CoverageUp to 126,000 women could lose no-cost contraception coverage. The Court also expanded the “ministerial exception” to employee protections.
  8. vision 2020
    Supreme Court Lets States Punish ‘Faithless Electors’A unanimous Supreme Court found no constitutional sanction for treating presidential electors as free agents.
  9. supreme court
    Supreme Court Restricts Independence of CFPB, But Doesn’t Kill ItIt was a glass-half-full, glass-half-empty decision that displeased those who want to kill or insulate independent agencies.
  10. supreme court
    Supreme Court Reverses Convictions of Bridgegate SchemersThe payback traffic jam that wound up obstructing Chris Christie’s path to the White House was bad, but not a federal crime.
  11. u.s. supreme court
    Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Partisan GerrymanderingThe brief window for federal court scrutiny of an intensely anti-democratic practices has come and gone.
  12. supreme court
    Another SCOTUS Precedent Falls. Could Roe Be Next?For the second time this term, the court’s conservative majority has reversed a major Supreme Court precedent. Could Roe v. Wade be far behind?
  13. church-state separation
    SCOTUS Splits on Church-State Separation in Peace Cross CaseWhile in the minority in the “Peace Cross” decision, Ruth Bader Ginsburg offered an eloquent testimonial for the “wall of separation.”
  14. 2038
    What Will Happen to the Supreme Court in 20 Years?Legal reporter Dahlia Lithwick reveals her prediction for the future of the Supreme Court.
  15. the kavanaugh hearings
    Why Kavanaugh Stayed in the Middle of the Road in His Opening StatementTo hear the SCOTUS nominee, he’s a centrist who is zealously protective of the independence of the judiciary and devoted to women’s rights.
  16. Supreme Court Topples Precedent to Hobble Public UnionsIn a major blow to labor, public-sector unions will have to represent nonmembers without compensation.
  17. the law
    In the Travel-Ban Case, Supreme Court Seems Ready to Let Trump Be TrumpA day of interesting hypotheticals — and comments from the bench that suggest the president will get a lot of latitude.
  18. Supreme Court Not Amused by DoJ’s Argument on Deporting Naturalized Citizens“Oh, come on!” said Chief Justice Roberts on hearing the argument.
  19. Get Used to Justice Gorsuch — He Might Still Be on the Supreme Court in 2050Officially sworn in today at age 49, he is young enough to threaten the record for longest SCOTUS tenure.
  20. court tv
    Justice Elena Kagan Peppers Decision With Spider-Man JokesThe Supreme Court justice loves her superheroes.
  21. the supremes
    Supreme Court Justices Do Not E-mail Each Other Or anyone else, probably.
  22. the supremes
    Sotomayor Talks About How SCOTUS Is Like NYCThe take-out situation is really bad.
  23. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Was Called for Jury DutyShe probably won’t be forced to actually serve, though.
  24. the supremes
    Rest of Supreme Court Probably Bewildered by Scalia and Kagan’s Electronic Reading RectanglesOtherwise known as an iPad and a Kindle.
  25. supreme court
    Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart Gets Kicked Up to the Supreme CourtThe Supreme Court will be deciding whether a class-action suit is appropriate.
  26. the supremes
    Antonin Scalia Spotted Teaching Elena Kagan How to ShootSeriously.
  27. photo op
    And … She’s In!Kagan swears.
  28. photo op
    Now Obama Is Nuzzling Elena Kagan!Ever hear of a handshake?
  29. the supremes
    Senate Confirms Elena KaganShe’ll be the fourth female justice in the 221-year history of the court.
  30. what can brown do for you?
    Scott Brown Was Never Going to Vote for Elena KaganThe independent-minded Republican takes the party line on this one.
  31. confirming kagan
    Lindsey Graham Calls Out Activism of Fellow Senators in Announcing Support for Elena KaganThe GOP’s new maverick shames his colleagues.
  32. confirming kagan
    Jon Stewart: Republicans Uncomfortable With Kagan’s ‘Jew-sylvania’ Background“Her opponents … fear they’ll look like provincial little-brains.”
  33. confirming kagan
    Elena Kagan’s Ten Funniest MomentsShe was cracking jokes left and right during her confirmation hearings.
  34. confirming kagan
    Senator Spends 40 Seconds at Kagan Hearings Talking About Twilight for Some ReasonElena Kagan doesn’t care for it at all.
  35. confirming kagan
    Orrin Hatch Harassing Elena Kagan for Pure EntertainmentYou sick man.
  36. bons mots
    Sessions: Kagan Remarks ‘Unconnected to Reality’The Republican senator and Supreme Court nominee have different memories of what happened at Harvard several years ago.
  37. confirming kagan
    The Opening Statements of the Elena Kagan Confirmation Hearing in One SentenceEach senator on the Judiciary Committee made an opening remark today.
  38. the supremes
    Republicans Indicate Kagan Could Still Face Filibuster“I think some of her views are quite troubling … in the area of political speech and the First Amendment.”
  39. the supremes
    Republicans Clearly Not Finding Anything Good on Elena KaganGOP says the “burden of proof” is on her.
  40. the supremes
    First Enormous Batch of Clinton-Era Elena Kagan Documents Goes OnlineSo far, the results are less than exhilarating.
  41. the supremes
    The ‘She Was Never a Judge!’ Strategy Gets Even WeakerAntonin Scalia and Sandra Day O’Connor don’t mind at all.
  42. the supremes
    Elena Kagan’s SkeletonsShe once got a B-minus.
  43. the supremes
    Robin Givhan Is Really Taken By the Fact That Elena Kagan Does Not Cross Her LegsBut what does that MEAN?
  44. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Doesn’t Get Aroused by 2 Live CrewJust in case you were wondering.
  45. the supremes
    What We’re Really Not Talking About When We Talk About Elena KaganIt’s not whether she’s gay.
  46. the supremes
    Kagan Confirmation Hearings to Start on June 28Start getting excited now.
  47. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Will Be Confirmed by a 65–35 VoteThat’s our prediction, anyway.
  48. ed koch
    Ed Koch: White House Should ‘Denounce’ Questioning of Kagan’s Sexuality“White House is implicitly stating sexual orientation is a legitimate issue of discussion in the confirmation process.”
  49. gossipmonger
    Lindsay Lohan Threw a Drink at Jessica StamAnd more expected and unexpected celebrity behavior, in today’s gossip roundup.
  50. the supremes
    So What Do All the Lesbians in Park Slope Think About Elena Kagan?Andrea Peyser went to find out.
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