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  1. the supremes
    Kagan Was Tough, Open Say StudentsThe Supreme Court nominee was apparently an excellent teacher.
  2. the supremes
    White House Limiting Press Access to Kagan’s FamilyRequests by the ‘Times’ to talk to her brother, cousin shot down.
  3. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Already Talking Smack About Current Supreme Court JusticesShe says one of the justices was “not appropriate” during his or her confirmation hearings.
  4. the supremes
    Staten Island Is Sad That It Doesn’t Have a Supreme Court JusticeAll the other boroughs get one!
  5. the supremes
    Elena Kagan’s Former Roommate Sets the Record StraightShe’s not a lesbian.
  6. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Clarifies That She Is Not the Lady Who Puts Warnings on CigarettesGood thing we cleared that up.
  7. the supremes
    Could Elena Kagan Surprise Us on Abortion?So far, there’s no reason to think so.
  8. elena kagan
    David Brooks Finds Elena Kagan’s ‘Cautious’ Approach ‘Disturbing’“She’s shown relatively little interest in coming up with new theories or influencing public debate,” he writes.
  9. the supremes
    Why the ‘Is She or Isn’t She’ Question Matters for Kagan, Regardless of the AnswerAs we suspected, everyone’s wondering about the Obama nominee’s personal life.
  10. the supremes
    RNC Desperately Tries to Walk Back Their Thurgood Marshall AttackIn a not very convincing way.
  11. the supremes
    How Critics Are Coming At Elena KaganAll we know about her is that she hates the Constitution!
  12. the supremes
    Meet Your Next Supreme Court JusticeElena Kagan accepts President Obama’s nomination.
  13. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Wore a Judge’s Robe in Her YearbookShe was not a judge at the time.
  14. gossipmonger
    Mischa Barton Defines ClassyAnd more tidbits of celebrity wisdom, in today’s gossip roundup.
  15. beef
    Conservative Blogger Under Fire for Using Prostitute Metaphor About Kagan’National Review’ writer uses poorly chosen George Bernard Shaw quote.
  16. the supremes
    Obama Reportedly to Nominate Elena Kagan to Supreme CourtSolicitor general would be court’s third woman.
  17. the supremes
    Obama Nominating Kagan to the Supreme Court on Monday?Probably!
  18. the supremes
    Conservatives Zero in on Elena Kagan E-mailShe once called “don’t ask, don’t tell” “a profound wrong — a moral injustice of the first order.”
  19. the supremes
    CBS News Reprimanded by White House for Suggesting Supreme Court Candidate Elena Kagan Is GayThis seems like a bad move.
  20. the supremes
    Journalists Start Elena Kagan Gay Dance AgainCiting “conservative activists” but quoting none, the ‘Journal’ gets a jump on an inevitable story line.