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  1. the city
    Shafted: NYCHA Elevator Chief SuspendedPosters went up barring Ivo Nikolic from NYCHA properties in an ongoing probe into elevator maintenance in the city’s sprawling public housing system.
  2. awful things
    Bronx Man May Have Been Killed While ‘Elevator Surfing’Though his girlfriend says he was just trying to get out of a stuck car.
  3. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Wants You to Take the StairsHe’s introducing two new laws to make it happen. 
  4. Do People Ever Do This in the Elevator?Face the wrong way?
  5. sad things
    Elevator Mechanic Electrocuted in Midtown Office Building [Updated]He was pronounced dead at the scene.
  6. scary things
    Witness to Elevator Accident SuingShe’s too traumatized to ride an elevator “out of fear of bodily injury and/or death.”
  7. scary things
    Are You Afraid of Elevators Now?A gruesome elevator death can do that sort of thing.
  8. rulings
    Kosher Elevators Are No Longer Kosher, Say RabbisA ruling in Israel about Shabbos elevators trickles down to NYC’s Orthodox community.