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  1. r.i.p.
    Author, Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel Has DiedHe devoted his life to keeping the memory of the Holocaust and its victims alive.
  2. cable news news
    Elie Wiesel Won the Holocaust, Says Fox NewsYikes x 1000.
  3. gossipmonger
    California Pageant Organizers Want Carrie Prejean’s Boobs BackThat, and the rest of today’s body-oriented gossip.
  4. made-off
    Elie Wiesel Has an Idea for How to Punish MadoffThis is a guy who knows something about punishment.
  5. gossipmonger
    Men of Manhattan Won’t Leave McCartney’s Ex AloneHeather Mills gets a lot of attention in this town. And more, in our daily gossip roundup.
  6. gossipmonger
    Neal Boulton Drags His Wife Into the Whole Bi ThingThe ‘Genre’ editor is now bragging that he and his wife make out with the same dudes.
  7. party lines
    Party Reporting on a Sunday Night, or How We Fell for OprahWe saw Oprah Winfrey in person for the second time in our life last night at the gala for Elie Wiesel’s Foundation for Humanity at the Waldorf- Astoria and determined though we were to be our usual bitter, jaded selves, we couldn’t help falling in love with her all over again. It wasn’t just the way she held her hands to her face and closed her eyes and unabashedly sang along with the national anthem. It wasn’t just how she gripped Wiesel’s arm tightly as photographers descended upon them. It wasn’t just her admission that she’d cribbed moves from Barbara Walters to land her first job in television, particularly Walters’s technique of asking a question, then looking up, then down, and waiting for the answer. And it wasn’t even how she gave an impassioned speech about how we must live to serve and save other people while still admitting she was pretty happy for the things she’s got. (“I like the shoes,” she said. “And I really like the plane.”) No, it was the moment she looked out at the crowd — people who’d arrived at 6 p.m. but had to wait until 11 p.m. before she spoke — and said, “I know what it means to get dressed and come out on a Sunday night. I get it. You’re busy people. You’ve got work tomorrow. And it’s The Sopranos. We’d all rather be sitting at home in our PJs.” Amen. —Jada Yuan
  8. gossipmonger
    Albrecht Out at HBOHBO chairman Chris Albrecht was forced to resign last night after allegedly beating up his girlfriend Sunday, likely because this wasn’t his first domestic assault. Harvey Weinstein had to explain to girlfriend Georgina Chapman that Elie Wiesel was notable for being “in a concentration camp” at the Time 100 fête. And Jessica Simpson dressed conservatively at the event to not draw attention from boyfriend and honoree John Mayer. Cameron Diaz went to a sex show at the Box the night before appearing on the Today show. Josh Hartnett and Helena Christensen sang karaoke together. Lorne Michaels sang karaoke at oil heir William Hess’s bar mitzvah. Nancy Grace is trying to get on The View now that she’s out at Court TV. NBC News’ David Gregory may be Don Imus’s replacement.