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  1. democratic primaries
    Nevada Results 2020: Live UpdatesEverything you need to know about the Nevada caucuses, including vote totals — when available — and Bernie Sanders’s path to victory in the state.
  2. vision 2020
    Carolina Kingmaker Clyburn to Give Biden a Timely Boost With an EndorsementIn a state Biden must win, he got the most important endorsement, but it may not be enough to preserve a win in his one-time “firewall.”
  3. vision 2020
    No, You Drop Out: Why Bernie’s Rivals Are All Stubbornly Staying in the RaceAnti-Sanders moderates generally agree that the field needs to shrink for anyone else to have a chance, but no one is ready to walk away.
  4. vision 2020
    The Murky Path Out of Nevada for Candidates Not Named BernieBiden’s still not quite dead, and others have long shots left, but it’s going to be tough to take down the new front-runner.
  5. vision 2020
    Bernie Wins Big in Nevada CaucusesThe other candidates’ order of finish remains unclear, but Sanders exceeded high expectations.
  6. vision 2020
    How Beating Up Bloomberg Has Reinvigorated the Democratic FieldA Bloomberg campaign memo suggested his rivals clear his path to take on Sanders. His disastrous debate gave them an opening instead.
  7. vision 2020
    What to Expect From Nevada’s CaucusesSanders is the heavy favorite, but the order of finish for the rest of the field may matter a lot — assuming we have quick returns.
  8. sexual harassment
    Bloomberg Releases Women Who Complained About His Comments From Their NDAsThe billionaire presidential candidate also said that his company would stop using confidentiality agreements for sexual harassment claims.
  9. vision 2020
    No, Democrats Didn’t ‘Go After the Wrong Guy’ in Las VegasBloomberg’s wallet was as big a threat to other candidates as it was to Bernie, who is the career non-Democrat who best fits today’s Democratic Party.
  10. vision 2020
    5 Key Questions Raised by the Democrats’ Nevada DebateNevertheless, can Elizabeth Warren persist?
  11. vision 2020
    Where Has This Elizabeth Warren Been?The Warren campaign suffers from self-inflicted wounds.
  12. vision 2020
    Debate Infighting Won’t Kill Democrats’ Chances in NovemberUntil Democrats argue about their genitals, there’s a long way down to the behavior Republicans modeled before winning everything in 2016.
  13. democratic debates
    Who Won (and Lost) the Democratic Debate in NevadaElizabeth Warren raged against the dying of her campaign’s light, while Michael Bloomberg withered under scrutiny.
  14. democratic debates
    Bloomberg Walks Onto the Stage and Into a BuzzsawThe former mayor should have stayed far away from the Las Vegas debate.
  15. vision 2020
    Elizabeth Warren’s One-Two Punch for Conquering WashingtonThe policy-oriented senator has at least a good start on a plan for enacting her plans.
  16. nevada debate
    Elizabeth Warren Goes to War on Bloomberg in Nevada DebateWarren started off the debate with a brutal attack on Bloomberg, in which she highlighted his sexist comments.
  17. vision 2020
    Bernie Sanders Opens Up Double-Digit National LeadBut Michael Bloomberg is surging in Super Tuesday states.
  18. vision 2020
    The 2020 Gerontocracy Intensifies With Bloomberg’s RiseThe presidential contest for the Party of Youth and Diversity could soon turn into a vicious ideological fight between two 78-year-old white men.
  19. vision 2020
    Why Biden’s Candidacy May SurviveHe’s been left for dead by many observers, but Nevada and especially South Carolina could revive him in time for Super Tuesday.
  20. vision 2020
    Which Democratic Presidential Candidates Will Survive Until Super Tuesday?It could be lots of candidates, or just two or three, depending on what happens in Nevada and South Carolina.
  21. vision 2020
    Pete and Amy Are Riding High After New Hampshire, But Probably Not for LongToday’s moderate stars don’t have the minority support, the campaign infrastructure, or the money to beat Bernie or Bloomberg.
  22. vision 2020
    Who’s Left As a Democratic Unity Candidate? Maybe Nobody.As Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar do well in New Hampshire, it’s looking like a Sanders-Bloomberg fight down the road with no compromises in sight.
  23. vision 2020
    New Hampshire Just Ushered in a Bernie Versus Bloomberg Title FightThe arc of the Democratic race bends toward battle between two very different old, independent Jewish politicians.
  24. vision 2020
    Are Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren Making It Out of N.H. Alive?“They’ve both taken on the stench of death,” says an aide to a rival campaign.
  25. vision 2020
    Will Bernie-Panicked Centrists Stampede to Bloomberg?As Biden sinks and Buttigieg struggles to win minority voters, the ultrarich former New York mayor is looking stronger.
  26. vision 2020
    The Democratic Race Isn’t Ending Any Time SoonAs voting in New Hampshire nears, a consensus is crystallizing: The Democratic primaries are going to be long and contentious.
  27. democratic primaries
    Democratic Candidates Unify Around Attacking Pete ButtigiegWhether it’s a lack of experience or high-dollar donors, everyone has a problem with Pete.
  28. vision 2020
    How Iowa’s Chaos Affected the Top 4 Democrats — and Why N.H. Is Bigger Than EverThe caucus breakdown caused Sanders, Buttigieg, Warren, and Biden to shake up their plans for success, and bet big on New Hampshire and Nevada.
  29. vision 2020
    Who Could Breach Joe Biden’s ‘Firewall’ in South Carolina?Biden’s plan to rely on African-American voters in the Palmetto state no longer looks that secure.
  30. vision 2020
    Elizabeth Warren’s Tough Road AheadShe’s now clearly trailing Sanders as the progressive favorite, but still has some potential as a “unity candidate.”
  31. vision 2020
    The Most Consequential Failure of the Iowa CaucusesThe unusually slow count and abnormally large field of viable candidates means that the Iowa caucus didn’t shrink the field.
  32. vision 2020
    Inside Bernie’s Day of WaitingWith results in limbo and his rivals already fanned out in N.H., Sanders sat in Iowa, angry but still hoping to claim a victory he’d long counted on.
  33. vision 2020
    Is Iowa a Bad Omen for Biden or Just a Bump in the Road?Biden lucked out of bad Caucus Night headlines, but he needs do to better before colliding with Michael Bloomberg’s wallet.
  34. iowa caucuses
    After Monday’s Fiasco, the Iowa Caucuses Deserve to DieThe Hawkeye state’s quadrennial ritual deserves the death penalty for Monday night’s display of criminal negligence.
  35. vision 2020
    In Iowa on Caucus Night: The View From the GroundIn a key Des Moines precinct, five candidates achieved viability, but Biden finished fourth and Bernie fifth.
  36. iowa caucuses
    Why the Iowa Caucuses Are Biased Against Your CandidateThe Democratic primary’s bizarre and arbitrary opening contest gives every contender some cause for complaint.
  37. vision 2020
    Elizabeth Warren’s Sprint to Make up for Lost Time in IowaShe attracted some of the biggest crowds of her campaign in the state over the weekend, but will it be enough?
  38. vision 2020
    Two Campaigns on the Brink in IowaElizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, for all their differences, may be the two candidates who most need a good showing in Iowa on Monday night.
  39. vision 2020
    How the Democratic Candidates Stand Apart on Standing TogetherOn the eve of the Iowa caucuses, unity has become both a pledge and a threat for the candidates and their campaigns.
  40. iowa caucuses
    Why Bernie Might Declare Victory in Iowa Even If He LosesWhile other candidates seem to be sticking to the traditional metric of delegates won, Sanders is hinting he’ll focus on raw-vote total.
  41. vision 2020
    Delaney Was First In, and Now Is Finally OutThe former Maryland congressman’s campaign is a cautionary tale.
  42. medicare for all
    South Carolina Democrats Sure Sound Open to Medicare for AllA new poll shows high levels of support for government-run health care.
  43. criminal justice
    Elizabeth Warren Wants You to Vote in Your Local Prosecutor ElectionHer endorsements come just as the Cook County, Illinois, state’s attorney election is becoming a referendum on the Jussie Smollett case.
  44. vision 2020
    Why Polls Might Get the Iowa Caucuses WrongCaucuses and primaries are very different environments … starting with who shows up in the first place.
  45. vision 2020
    Des Moines Register Endorses Warren in Run-up to Iowa CaucusesThe paper has often failed to pick caucus-winners, but could give a boost of momentum to Warren in a close four-way race.
  46. vision 2020
    Bernie Sanders Surges Into Lead in New CNN PollSanders is now tied with Biden among nonwhite voters, the survey suggests.
  47. vision 2020
    The Times Dual Endorsement of Klobuchar and Warren Isn’t NutsYes, they have many differences. But they’re the candidates with the most compelling plans to get something done, and they’d break that glass ceiling.
  48. trump impeachment
    The Impeachment Process Explained: What Happens to Trump Now?Everything you need to know about the next steps in the Senate, and the consequences Trump might face.
  49. new york times
    All the Problems With the New York Times’ Televised Endorsement SpecialThe reality TV show no one needed resulted in an unsatisfying double endorsement.
  50. vision 2020
    How the Impeachment Trial Affects Sanders, Warren, and Klobuchar in IowaThe four senators still running for president will lose valuable face time and local media coverage during a crucial stretch of the campaign.
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