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  1. court appearances
    Elon’s Bad Week: Embarrassing Text Messages and Reports of Settlement TalksAfter the worst stretch yet in his quest to not buy Twitter, the end may be near.
  2. court appearances
    Elon Musk Deleted Messages and 3 Other Takeaways From the Latest Court Hearing“They point to something that’s been destroyed,” said the judge of the missing text messages.
  3. court appearances
    Elon Musk Is Losing Time to Not Buy TwitterTime isn’t on his side.
  4. elon musk
    Elon Musk Was Worried About ‘World War III’ for Twitter DealTwitter unearths a Musk text about Vladimir Putin in a court hearing that was trying to keep the billionaire at bay.
  5. court appearances
    Elon Musk Has So Many Lawsuits They’re Teaching a Whole Class in Law SchoolElon Musk’s legal history is just that informative.
  6. court appearances
    Elon Musk’s Got a New Plan to Not Buy TwitterIn order to get out of buying Twitter, it appears the Tesla CEO is abandoning his old legal arguments about spambots. Now he’s alleging fraud.
  7. court appearances
    Elon Musk’s ‘Absurdly Broad’ Strategy Against Twitter Is LosingTwitter doesn’t need to supply absolutely everything to Elon Musk in court.
  8. court appearances
    Does the Twitter Whistleblower Help Elon Musk?Who could have seen this coming? (Elon Musk.)
  9. the money game
    Meme Stonks, Dog Coins, and Elon Musk Joke Investments Are Mooning AgainWall Street right now is looking like the weirdest days of 2021, with Reddit, crypto, and Tesla’s technoking once again fueling speculative riches.
  10. announcements
    Introducing Court Appearances: Twitter v. MuskThe richest man in the world is headed to trial, and we’ll be there to cover it.
  11. what is elon musk?
    An Elon Musk Photo BookLet’s stare at Elon Musk.
  12. what is elon musk?
    A Close Read of @elonmuskWhat the Tesla founder’s Twitter feed reveals about the man behind the handle.
  13. what is elon musk?
    ‘I Don’t Talk to Any of My Normal Friends About This’Two members of Elon Musk’s Twitter army explain their decision to enlist.
  14. what is elon musk?
    ‘I Began Just Losing Money Every Day’Four short sellers on the specific agonies of betting against Elon Musk.
  15. what is elon musk?
    SpaceXCadetsIf you want your child to become the next billionaire industrialist, Astra Nova might be a good place to start.
  16. what is elon musk?
    Musk As MuseElon’s romantic partners keep putting him into their art.
  17. what is elon musk?
    Musk and Trump and a Little Steve JobsThe characterological origins of Tony Stark.
  18. what is elon musk?
    Elon’s Biggest BoondoggleWhy did the world’s richest man spend the past five years trying to sell cities a hole in the ground?
  19. what is elon musk?
    What Is Elon Musk?And how is it possible that he could emerge from his Twitter debacle more culturally dominant than ever?
  20. the money game
    Elon Musk Is ‘Sick of Stuff Like This’: 8 Takeaways to His Response to TwitterThe Tesla CEO has presented his response trying to get out of buying the company, but more questions linger over his chances of success.
  21. the money game
    Twitter’s Legal Team Just Sucker Punched Elon MuskThe social-media platform launched a sneak attack against the guy it wants to buy the company.
  22. the money game
    Twitter Just Went Into Ludicrous Mode in Its Legal War Against Elon MuskIn order to save the $44 billion takeover, the social-media company is blanketing Musk’s bankers and closest Silicon Valley supporters with subpoenas
  23. exhibit a
    I Used to Work on Cases Like Twitter v. Musk. Here’s What Will Happen Next.Twitter’s lawsuit against Elon Musk will head to court on October 17. Get ready to watch it with an insider’s eye.
  24. the money game
    Elon Musk Is Already Losing His Court Battle With TwitterThe social-media company got what it wanted in Delaware Chancery Court, and now Musk has to make his case before a judge.
  25. feuds
    Is Elon Musk a Bad Billionaire Buddy?The Wall Street Journal reports that Musk had an affair with the wife of his longtime friend and fellow billionaire, Google co-founder Sergey Brin.
  26. bad investments
    Judge Says No to Elon Musk’s Attempt at StallingAn October trial will determine whether he can back out of his $44 billion purchase of Twitter
  27. early and often
    The Donald Trump–Elon Musk Feud: A Complete HistoryThree months ago, Musk was ready to let Trump back on Twitter. Now they’re exchanging mean tweets and “truths.” Here’s how the chaotic saga unfolded.
  28. the money game
    15 Revelations in Twitter’s Suit Against Elon MuskTwitter responded in court to Elon Musk’s letter trying to get out of the $44 billion deal. The suit is not a boring read.
  29. pivot
    The Twitter Lawsuit Could Be Very Bad for Elon MuskA long court battle would reveal just how duplicitous he’s been in this deal.
  30. the money game
    Elon Musk Is Trying To Meme Himself Out Of Buying TwitterThe social media company’s board has one of the biggest hired guns in corporate law to force the world’s richest man to buy the company.
  31. the money game
    Elon Musk Tries to Wriggle Out of Twitter DealThe world’s richest man is officially bailing on his $44 billion deal to buy the company, but Twitter’s board says it will meet him in court.
  32. the money game
    Elon Musk and the World’s Biggest Case of Buyer’s RemorseThe richest man on the planet can get everything he wants, but maybe what he’s after is the thrill of the impossible.
  33. elon musk
    Is Elon Musk Trying to Populate Mars Himself?The mogul fathered twins with a Neuralink employee.
  34. the picket line
    Elon Musk Wants Free Speech for Himself, Not SpaceX EmployeesWorkers were fired for daring to criticize the king.
  35. early and often
    Democrats Have Given Elon Musk No Choice But to Support Ron DeSantisThe world’s richest person, who now votes Republican, is kicking Andrew Yang to the curb in 2024.
  36. feuds
    You Can Ignore Elon MuskThe world’s richest man lives rent free in too many people’s heads.
  37. the money game
    Elon Musk’s Twitter Deal Is Now a High-Stakes CAPTCHA PuzzleThe world’s richest man is waging a war on bots, but his real adversaries are the humans on Twitter’s board.
  38. stop the presses
    The Most Powerful Person in Media Missed the Media Power Person PartyBut his model mom, Maye Musk, was there.
  39. business
    Is Elon Musk About to Bail on Twitter, or Just Negotiating in Public?The world’s richest man announced that his purchase of the company was “on hold” Friday morning, then clarified that he’s “still committed” to it.
  40. twitter
    Elon Musk Says He’ll Let Trump Back on TwitterThe incoming owner of Twitter shows some solidarity with his (alleged) fellow billionaire.
  41. big tech
    Pity the BillionaireSilicon Valley’s oligarch class can’t stop feeling sorry for itself.
  42. elon musk
    11 Weird and Upsetting Facts About Elon MuskEven after a week of wall-to-wall Elon Musk news coverage, there’s still more to learn.
  43. pivot
    Why Elon Musk Might Still Walk Away From the Twitter DealPay attention to Tesla’s falling stock price.
  44. elon musk
    The Whirlwind First Week of Twitter’s Musk EraHe made fun of leftists, criticized Twitter executives, and sold billions in Tesla stock — suggesting a loud management style for the years to come.
  45. the money game
    What Wall Streeters Are Whispering About Elon Musk and TwitterTheir advice: Back out.
  46. elon musk
    Can Elon Musk Solve Twitter’s Unsolvable Problem?For all its cultural influence, the company has never really figured out how to make money.
  47. the internet
    The Best Moments in Twitter HistoryWhat makes Twitter great? Chaos, madness, hilarity.
  48. just asking questions
    Kara Swisher on Elon Musk: ‘You Can’t Pin Him Down’Judging the new owner of Twitter by his tweets alone would be a mistake.
  49. the money game
    Wall Street Owns Elon Musk NowPanic that Twitter will be ruined gives the world’s richest man too much power.
  50. tech
    Twitter Employees Don’t Want to Work ‘for a Company That Is Owned by Elon Musk’Many of the people who make Twitter tick expressed concerns that the world’s richest man might not have their best interests in mind.
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