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  1. lock her up
    Pence Used AOL Account for State Business As He Complained About Clinton EmailsHe continued using a personal account even after he was hacked.
  2. emailgate
    State Department to Reopen Internal Review of Clinton EmailsYou will never stop hearing about her damn emails.
  3. Bill Clinton Meets Privately With Loretta Lynch, for Some Stupid ReasonClinton had a private discussion about “his grandchildren” with the attorney general investigating his wife. Democrats are not pleased with the “optics.”
  4. Clinton Had Donor As Nuclear Security AdviserRajiv K. Fernando had no relevant experience for serving on the International Security Advisory Board. But he did give millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.
  5. today in donald trump
    Trump: Hillary Clinton ‘Guilty As Hell’ in Email Scandal“If I win … I’m sure the Attorney General will take a very good look at it.”
  6. early and often
    Federal Judge Might Order Hillary Clinton to Testify in Email CaseRight before the Democratic convention.
  7. emailghazi
    New Report Says Some Emails Sent on Clinton’s Server Were Super Top SecretYes, there is a level even more secret than top secret. 
  8. technology
    Post-Emailgate, Defense Secretary Carter Kept Using Personal Email at WorkIf only someone had told him that sort of thing is frowned upon.
  9. hillary watch
    Reading Hillary’s Email: ‘Cracked’ Head EditionOur national quest for interesting personal tidbits continues.
  10. emailgate
    Bill Clinton Gets His Own Email ScandalHow were friends messaging him about Hillary if he doesn’t use email?!
  11. early and often
    Hillary Is Done Playing Defense, But Emailgate Won’t Go AwayA second IT firm was backing up her email, and now it’s providing information to the FBI.
  12. hillary watch
    Hillary’s Email: Hackers, Hummus, and Home GirlsThe hunt for evidence of gross misconduct and/or mundane tidbits about Hillary’s life continues.
  13. oh congress!
    The Benghazi Select Committee Is the Committee That Never Ends [Updated]It’s one of the longest congressional special investigations in history. 
  14. emailgate
    Defense Department Finds More Clinton EmailsClinton is not going to have fun when she goes to talk to the House next month. 
  15. emailgate
    The FBI Managed to Recover Hillary Clinton’s Personal EmailsShe must be so relieved.
  16. emailgate
    Aide Who Set Up Clinton’s Email Server Will Plead the FifthBefore the House committee investigating the Benghazi attack.
  17. hillary watch
    More Intriguingly Mundane Moments From Hillary Clinton’s EmailFeaturing Chelsea’s memo to her parents, concerns about gefilte fish, and plenty of mysterious redactions.
  18. scandals
    Can Hillary Clinton Move Past Emailgate?She tried a new strategy this week, but some say it still isn’t enough.
  19. early and often
    Could Hillary Clinton Face Criminal Charges Over Emailgate?Experts say there are some legal consequences she should be worried about.
  20. emailgate
    FBI Probes Security of Hillary Clinton’s Private Email ServerIt’s not a criminal inquiry, and Clinton herself is not being targeted, so far.
  21. ink-stained wretches
    Why the Clinton Campaign Is Feuding With the New York TimesThey blasted the paper for “egregious” errors in a report about a criminal inquiry into Clinton’s emails.
  22. hillary watch
    Justice Department Asked to Investigate Hillary’s Emails A government review finds that she may have sent classified information on her personal email account.
  23. hillary watch
    15 Fun Tidbits From Hillary Clinton’s EmailsThe first batch features congressional gossip, tech troubles, and a Nixon burn, but nothing about Benghazi.
  24. hillary watch
    Hillary Clinton’s Staff Missed a Few Benghazi-Related EmailsThey turned up thanks to a subpoena from Congress.
  25. hillary watch
    Emailgate Bombshell: Hillary Used an iPad TooShe was emailing from her tablet but didn’t want a second phone?
  26. emailgate
    I Sorted Hillary Clinton’s EmailIt was during her days as First Lady. Based on what I learned, I doubt the public will see everything they’re supposed to see.
  27. the national circus
    Hillary’s Handling of Emailgate Is a Bad RerunThose around her keep saying she won’t repeat her 2008 missteps. There’s no evidence for that.