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  1. The Frightening Lessons From Hawaii’s False Missile AlertSaturday’s mistake exposed serious problems with both state and federal emergency-alert procedures, and the public response.
  2. Hurricane Irma Takes Aim at FloridaIts hurricane-force winds could span the entire state coast-to-coast.
  3. technology
    It’s Now Possible to Text 911In some places, anyway.
  4. emergencies
    Connecticut Residents Somehow Survived Cable Outage No thanks to the jerks at 911.
  5. emergencies
    The 911 System Froze a Couple More Times on WednesdayIt keeps doing that.
  6. emergencies
    It’s Been a Bad Day for Ambulance Response TimesA baby died, and a 96-year-old woman waited an hour.
  7. emergencies
    The FDNY’s Emergency Dispatch System Kept Freezing TodayThis should put your own work-computer problems in perspective.
  8. emergencies
    Helicopter Forced to Land in Hudson RiverAll the passengers are fine.
  9. neighborhood news
    Bloomberg Releases Edited Version of Not-at-All-Comforting 911 ReportIt’s not pretty.
  10. the future is coming
    Soon, You Might Be Able to Report Crimes via Text MessagePoliceman: “I’m OMW.”
  11. early and often
    Ambulance Rushes to Obama Vacation HomeObama cut short his golf game to rush back, as well.