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    Emmy Rossum Scares Bears by Singing to ThemThe New York–born actress on surviving in the wilderness.
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    Marriage, to Sarah Silverman, Is ‘Like Eating Meat’Oh, come on!
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    Someone Thinks Carrie Prejean Should Run for OfficeYes, it does appear to be the type of person who doesn’t know about TMZ.
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    Penn Badgley and Angelina Jolie Half-assed Their Halloween CostumesAnd more celebrity doings, in our daily gossip roundup.
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    Madonna No Longer Subscribing to the Tracy Anderson MethodCould this mean the end of those arms? Plus more pressing questions in today’s celebrity roundup.
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    Penélope Cruz Probably Just Goes to the OB/GYN for FunThat’s the only reason we can think of for her being there after denying her pregnancy. And more tall tales from celebrities, in our daily gossip roundup.
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    U.N. Traffic Does Not Part for Clive OwenAnd Marilyn Manson has swine flu. Which goes to show that all celebrities are only human — except Michael Jackson, who thought he could heal Hitler.
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    Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford SplitWestwick is getting kicked out of their joint apartment because he’s too messy. That, and the rest of today’s essential gossip.
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    New Real Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon Is All Over the HamptonsPlus, David Paterson hits the East End, Seinfeld plays ball, and Jeff Corwin thinks the Montauk Monster is just a raccoon. All in our Hamptons roundup.
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    Celebrities’ Advice for the PopeWhat Tom Wolfe, Evan Rachel Wood, Amy Sacco, and Carson Kressley think the Big B should do with his time in the city.
  11. party lines
    Emmy Rossum Is Our Very Own Gossip GirlLast night’s Skin Cancer Foundation’s Skin Sense Award Gala was for an excellent cause, so when faced with the prospects of interviewing celebrity guests, we kept it very serious. Emmy Rossum, who showed up not wearing Ralph Lauren, was one of our first targets of inquiry. “Have you seen Gossip Girl?” we asked, getting right down to business. “It’s entertaining,” the Phantom of the Opera star said. “It’s a dramatized version of how catty girls schools can be in New York.” Hey readers, did you know Emmy Rossum went to an all-girls school in the city? That’s right, she went to Spence. She’s practically a Gossip Girl co-star! “[Some classmates] were that precocious,” she said. “Just, you know, how much money everybody spent on their Sweet Sixteen party. Like, $3 million.” Wait, we’ve seen My Super Sweet Sixteen. Is $3 million supposed to be a lot? “You had to outdo the other one,” she explained. Really? More, more! “Everyone would come back each summer with a different nose,” she said when we prodded her. “Or boobs. Or mysteriously having lost a ton of weight.” Oh, Lord, Emmy, forget anything negative we’ve ever said about you. You rule, and we’re totally buying your new CD where you pretend to be Enya! —Bennet Marcus Earlier: Emmy Rossum Combats Impending Irrelevance With New Music Video (sorry for the mean headline, Em! Call us!)
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    Emmy Rossum Combats Impending Irrelevance With New Music Video When Emmy Rossum blossomed onto the New York scene in 2004, with her starring roles in Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow (she got to make out with Patrick Wilson, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Gerard Butler all in one year, the harlot), it was an exciting day for preppy teenage girls. Here at last was a role model: She wasn’t a party girl, she studied opera and dance as a child, and she looked hella good in a Ralph Lauren dress (in fact, that’s all she seems to know how to wear). The girl went to Spence, for Tiffany’s sake! She was perfect. But predictably, mainstream pop culture wasn’t ready for such an iconoclast, so she faded away into general socialite-dom. Until now! Rossum is back with a new music video, and boy is it … um … ethereal. Rossum’s new album, which owes a substantial creative debt to Enya, is described as “ambient pop.” When you listen to it, you’ll forgive us for being so tempted to make a reprehensible “popping Ambien” pun. Emmy Rossum “Slow Me Down” Music Video [Just Jared]