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Emoluments Clause

  1. trump impeachment
    It’s Decision Time on Trump’s Impeachment: Narrow or Broad?Getting impeachment done quickly could make a narrow range of articles necessary, though obstruction of Congress and of justice is on the table.
  2. Ivanka’s China Dealings Likely Just Regular Corruption, Not ZTE-RelatedHer business is a huge conflict of interest, but it seems like a coincidence that Beijing approved her trademarks as her dad saved Chinese jobs.
  3. Trump Org Donates $151,000 in Foreign Profits to U.S. TreasuryCritics say the donations are an admission that Trump violated the foreign emoluments clause.
  4. the national interest
    Congress to Trump: Steal All You WantWhat the new Emoluments Clause ruling tells us.
  5. Trump Is Using DOJ Lawyers to Defend His Right to Profit From the PresidencyAt least ten Justice Department officials are working on lawsuits against the president’s businesses.
  6. conflicts of interest
    Are Foreign Payments to Trump’s Businesses Unconstitutional? We’ll Find Out.A federal judge in Manhattan heard arguments on whether Trump’s business profits violate the obscure foreign emoluments clause.
  7. emoluments clause
    Is Trump Inc. the President’s Greatest Vulnerability?A group of enterprising lawyers thinks it might be, whether all roads lead to Russia or not.
  8. D.C. and Maryland to Sue Trump for Accepting Payments From Foreign GovernmentsTheir attorneys general will argue that the president has violated the Constitution’s emoluments clause.
  9. conflicts of interest
    Trump Can Accept Payments From Foreign Governments, Justice Department ArguesThe Trump administration is trying to quash a lawsuit that accuses the president of violating the U.S. Constitution.
  10. This Obscure Story That Should Be Huge Shows How Trump Gets Away With ItThe House has voted to bury investigations into massive scandals, and hardly anybody will ever know about it.
  11. Jason Chaffetz Keeps Focus on What Really Matters: Hillary Clinton’s EmailsThe House Oversight chair is seeking charges against the ex–State Department employee who helped set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server.
  12. Bahrain to Hold Celebration at President-Elect’s D.C. HotelThe oil kingdom will ring in the seventeenth anniversary of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s rule by channeling money to Donald Trump.
  13. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Thrown Out of Office by the Supreme CourtNobody cares about the Emoluments Clause.