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Empire State Building Shooting

  1. lawsuits
    Tourist Unhappy With Bullet Wound Souvenir From NYPDOne of the bystanders shot at the Empire State Building is suing.
  2. empire state building shooting
    Impending Eviction May Have Caused Empire State Building Shooter to SnapLaid-off designer Jeffrey Johnson could no longer pay for his Upper East Side apartment. 
  3. scary things
    Empire State Building Shooting Was the Result of an Office Feud [Updated]Gunman Jeffrey Johnson “just did not like” his victim and former colleague, Steven Ercolino. 
  4. the internet
    Insensitive Instagram User Not Actually Cashing In on Photo of Shooting VictimHe was just being a jerk.
  5. shootings
    Mayor Bloomberg Stressed Gun Control Right Before Empire State Building ShootingAnd he’ll doubtlessly continue to in the aftermath.
  6. scary things
    Multiple People Shot Outside Empire State Building [Updated]Details as they come.