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    The Justice Department Wants to Unlock Your iPhoneThe feds are putting pressure on Apple once again to break iPhone encryption.
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    What Iran and Russia’s Telegram Ban Means for Secure Messaging AppsUp until the late ’90s, basic encryption technologies in the U.S. fell under the same category as anti-aircraft missiles and militarized submarines.
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    Apple Closes Security Loophole, Sets Up Another Fight With Law EnforcementApple narrowly avoided the Supreme Court in 2016. Will it do so again?
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    If You Use PGP, You Should Probably StopSwitch to a different encryption scheme for the time being.
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    White House Staffer Reportedly Left Encrypted Email Password at a Bus StopWhoops!
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    What You Need to Know About the KRACK Wi-Fi Security ProblemKeep your devices up-to-date!
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    The Encryption ‘Balance’ Trump’s FBI Nominee Wants Is Mathematically ImpossibleNo matter how much politicians and law enforcement might wish for it, a compromise on encryption can’t happen.
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    No, the CIA Hasn’t Compromised Signal and WhatsAppSignal’s end-to-end encryption is still safe from the CIA’s prying eyes.
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    Encryption Start-up Hopes It Can Keep Your Sex Tape From Becoming Revenge PornIf your partner wants to view your sex tape, you have to grant explicit access.
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    The Encrypted Chat App That’s Booming in a Post-Trump WorldWith a Trump presidency looming, the private-messenger app Signal is suddenly much more popular.
  11. WhatsApp Messages Are Now EncryptedLaw enforcement won’t like this.
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    Get Ready for Another Encryption Fight: Feds vs. FacebookEncryption makes wiretaps warrants useless.
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    Amazon Is Removing Encryption From Its TabletsAmazon has quietly removed enterprise-level encryption from its Amazon Fire tablets, which run its proprietary operating system Fire OS.
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    Headlines From the Future: What If the FBI Beats Apple in Court?Based on conversations with experts, we’ve imagined a set of hypothetical future news stories describing scenarios that could come to pass if the FBI wins.
  15. Congress Grills FBI Chief Over Apple ShowdownIf this is the debate we’re having over encryption and security, we’re screwed. 
  16. Gates: Sometimes FBI Should Access Private DataThe ticking-time-bomb scenario comes to your phone.
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    Feds Get San Bernardino Victims’ Backing in Fight With AppleThe survivors will file a legal brief supporting the government’s efforts to unlock the shooter’s iPhone.
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    It Really Doesn’t Matter What Apple’s Motivations Are — Idealistic or OtherwiseOne way or another, the company’s actions will align with its financial interests.
  19. Apple Opposes Order to Unlock San Bernardino Shooter’s PhoneApple claims that unlocking Syed Farook’s iPhone would threaten the cybersecurity of all Americans.
  20. Is Encryption Really Preventing Governments From Stopping ISIS? A PrimerTerrorists aren’t necessarily using PS4s to plan attacks, but rumors are targeting encryption.
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    Commercial Internet Encryption No Match for the NSA, It Turns OutThey’ve been breaking codes for years now.