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Enemies Of The State

  1. enemies of the state
    Bad News for Smoking HipstersSmoking is now banned in six state parks located within the city, including East River State Park in Williamsburg.
  2. enemies of the state
    Forty Percent of Smokers Are Glad They’re Not Allowed to Smoke Anywhere AnymoreMany smokers like the city’s new ban.
  3. enemies of the state
    Only Most Obstinate Cigarette Smokers Will Be TicketedEveryone will get a chance to stop smoking before getting a ticket.
  4. enemies of the state
    Disgruntled Bikers Prepare to File a Class Action Lawsuit Against the NYPD for Its War on BikersSome of the tickets were for actions that are legal in New York.
  5. enemies of the state
    Smoking a Cigarette in Central Park Will Now Cost You $50Bloomberg’s smoking ban goes into effect today.
  6. enemies of the state
    Watch NYPD Crackdown on Sidewalk Biker Lead to an Arrest“My ni***a went to Princeton.”