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  1. the money game
    The Fed Might Just Break the Global EconomyA conversation with Adam Tooze.
  2. the money game
    Are the Sanctions Against Russia Working or Not?Russia has been able to defend against the West’s efforts to derail its economy, but longer term damage still looms.
  3. russia sanctions
    The Pain and Potential Gain of Biden’s Russian Oil BanThe move will deal a blow to Putin’s regime but impose a new burden on U.S. energy consumers.
  4. inflation
    Two Big Myths About Why Energy Prices Are RisingWhy Joe Biden and climate hawks are not responsible for soaring fossil-fuel costs.
  5. energy
    U.S. Heating Costs May Spike This Winter Amid Global Natural-Gas CrunchThe U.S. is exporting a record amount of natural gas, and it’s already having domestic consequences.
  6. puerto rico
    Fed Up Over Power Outages, Puerto Ricans Took to the StreetsThousands marched on Friday to highlight continuing outages, rising bills, and concerns about the privatization of the power grid on the island.
  7. energy
    Got an Old Power Plant Lying Around? Crypto Miners Are Buying Them UpThey’ll take denim mills, airplane hangars, and aluminum smelters too.
  8. our climate
    Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin Can Make the World Greener. Could He Be Right?There’s a heated discussion going on over this question — and Elon Musk has staked out both sides.
  9. our climate
    How to Make Carbon-Neutral Gasoline Out of Thin AirOn a mass scale, it could be used to fly airplanes or power heavy machinery, replacing petroleum in some situations. It even has a catchy name: eFuel.
  10. Trump Dumps Obama Effort to Prevent Oil SpillsBoth the business and “populist” wings of the GOP support Trump’s heavy tilt toward oil and gas at the expense of the environment.
  11. cybersecurity
    Russian Hackers Infiltrated U.S. Energy Business NetworksThere is no sign that the power-plant control systems were affected by the breaches.
  12. Latest Trump Orders Aim for More Offshore Drilling, Opening Up Protected LandsHe’s expected to order reviews of his predecessors’ environmental protections later this week.
  13. EPA May Scrap Limit on How Much Mercury Coal Plants Can SpewThe agency will “review” its support for the measure “in light of the recent change in administration.”
  14. climate change
    Obama to Freeze New Coal Mines on Public LandMitch McConnell will be furious.
  15. fracking
    Gulf Oil Emirs Are Bankrolling Matt Damon’s Anti-Fracking FilmLooks like yes.
  16. pump it up
    Gas Prices Fall for Fifth Straight WeekAh, the smell of $3.79-per-gallon gasoline.
  17. rush holt
    Rush Holt, the Jeopardy! Computer-Defeating Ph.D. Physicist Congressman, on Japan’s Nuclear CrisisWhat the Fukushima meltdown means for America’s energy future.
  18. cleaning up the prequel?
    Shell Wants to Build the World’s Largest Floating Natural-Gas PlantWhat could go wrong?
  19. cleaning up
    BP Exec Warns Congress About Risks of Restricting Offshore Drilling“It would harm the ongoing effort to increase America’s energy independence.”
  20. america’s sweetheart
    So What Did Sarah Palin Think About Obama’s Speech?Obama is “using this crisis to increase the cost of energy,” she says.
  21. cleaning up
    Obama Pledges to Fight for ‘As Long As It Takes,’ Says BP Will Be Held ResponsiblePresident also advocates clean energy in Oval Office address.
  22. drill baby drill
    Obama Proposes Oil Drilling in Offshore Areas for First TimePlan would open up water off Atlantic coastline, Gulf of Mexico, and Alaska coast for oil and gas activity.
  23. instant politics
    Michael Idov and Matt Taibbi on Obama’s Foregone Historic Win, and the Morass It Will Land In’Rolling Stone’ columnist Matt Taibbi and ‘New York’ writer Michael Idov discuss why John McCain is “one of the worst” presidential candidates ever, Russian glee over American’s problems, and what happens after a possible President Obama is hammered for what he doesn’t manage to achieve.
  24. instant politics
    Matthew Yglesias and Garrett M. Graff on the Election’s Generational DivideThink Progress blogger Matthew Yglesias and Garrett M. Graff, author of ‘The First Campaign’ and editor at large for the ‘Washingtonian,’ discuss the generational split among voters, how our economy might be transformed for the better, and why, in the election, technology and innovation is the elephant in the room.
  25. early and often
    Now Is the Key Moment for Energy in the Presidential RaceA group of five Democratic and five Republican senators is pushing compromise legislation that could blunt GOP attacks.
  26. early and often
    Obama: ‘It’s Like These Guys Take Pride in Being Ignorant.’Obama responds to the tire-gauge mocking campaign. But is it a slam dunk?
  27. early and often
    Obama Thinks Offshore Drilling Might Not Be So Bad After AllThough Obama would surely rather be discussing energy policy than his similarities to vacuous socialites, his new approach to gas prices may not be a political winner.
  28. early and often
    Obama and McCain Keep Trying on EnergyOverall, the candidates’ energy proposals are falling flat — either too flip-floppy, too craven, or just plain unhelpful.
  29. in other news
    Except for at Bloomberg, It’s Not Easy Being GreenAnother day, another company going green: Today it’s Bloomberg LP (which, frankly, was a bit of a surprise; we’d assumed Mike’s moneymaker has long been running on, oh, let’s say discarded trans fats). It was only a matter of time, then, before we’d see some sort of backlash from the “traditional” utility forces. In California, L.A.’s Department of Water & Power (yes, the corporate villain of Chinatown) has pulled the plug on Gore Vidal’s home solar-power plant, literally ripping out the wires and taking down the panels. Supposedly the system was improperly installed; now Vidal is back on the grid like a good little customer.
  30. in other news
    The Parks Department Will Save Us All From Any Inconvenient TruthsIt sounds pretty sci-fi, but as City Limits reports, our own New York City Department of Parks and Recreation is in final talks to put a one-of-a-kind power facility on Randall’s Island: The plant’s turbines will harvest wind, solar, and tidal energy at once (that’s right: earth, wind, and fire). Not only will the newfangled contraption power pretty much the entire island — including the lighting for its ball fields — but it could be doing so as early as 2008. So let us quickly just say, Wow. Who knew the Parks Department was even in the alternative-energy business? Apparently, very few: The project has been so hush-hush that even the City Council member representing Randall’s Island says she hadn’t heard about it until now. The secrecy is almost enough to make us paranoid about other city agencies. If Parks sneaks underwater turbines into the city, who knows what Health and Mental Hygiene is up to? Underwater Power Generator Could Be Wave of City’s Future [City Limits]