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    Hospitals Across England Paralyzed by Widespread HackDoctors have received notifications from the hackers that if they want to access their files, they’ll need to pay a ransom.
  2. English Heroes Stay at Pub in Waist-Deep Flood Cheers!
  3. the sports section
    England’s Own Goal Sets Up a U.S.-Japan World Cup Final RematchLaura Bassett will replay that moment for the rest of her life.
  4. equal rites
    Same-Sex Marriage Is Now a Reality in England and WalesThe first couples tied the knot right after midnight on Friday.
  5. other countries’ embarrassments
    Worst Teacher Ever Made Students Cut Themselves With Razor Blades in ClassFor art! Or something!
  6. scary things
    Man With Bloody Cleaver Gives Interview After Brutal Woolwich MurderBritain is treating the attack as an act of terrorism.
  7. austerity measures
    Know What the Queen of England Could Really Use?A new yacht!
  8. london riots
    U.K. Cities See a Lull in ViolenceBlame it on the rain.
  9. london riots
    London Riots Spread Through the Rest of BritainThe flames are just miles away from the city’s Olympic stadium.
  10. norwegian nightmare
    Norwegian Killer’s ‘Mentor’: Oslo, Utoya Attacks Were ‘Pure Evil’A British wingnut denies any contact with Anders Behring Breivik.
  11. photo op
    President Obama Has No Idea What Year It IsHe signed a guestbook in Westminster Abbey “24 May 2008.”
  12. the most important people in the world
    Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks You’re Lame “Who cares what some lame person out there says?” Not Gwyneth!
  13. best-laid schemes
    England’s Prized Undetectable Submarine Is Stuck in Some MudOh, England.
  14. england
    England and U.S. Face Off in an Oil-Related Phone Call and a World Cup Match TodayTensions are higher than usual with our neighbors across the pond.
  15. terrible ideas
    This School in England Is the Worst School EverWho thought a fake school shooting was a good idea?