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  1. Quiz: Which One Costs More?Each neighborhood in New York City has its own assigned personality. And the Upper East Side carries the distinction of being associated with, say, exorbitantly expensive spa treatments and diamond-encrusted dog collars.
  2. the two most important people in the world
    Stewart and Obama: The Ambiguously Earnest DuoBarack Obama and Jon Stewart haggle over the meaning of “change you can believe in.”
  3. goldmanfellas
    Michael Moore’s New Movie Was Brought to You by Goldman SachsBig surprise: ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ was funded by capitalists.
  4. party lines
    Spike Lee Knows a Different New York Now“The racial polarization you had, when this film was made, is not in the New York City I know today.”
  5. in other news
    Mariah Carey: Anyone Who Thinks We Didn’t Have a Prenup Is Smoking Something!The pop singer thought with her dollars before she caved into the demands of her heart. Aw, isn’t that sweet?
  6. in other news
    Ad Hominem Attack on Mariah Carey in the ‘Daily News’Dude, News editorial board, what’s with this 63-word diatribe today? Cultural note: We see that the warbler Mariah Carey, who has already tied Elvis Presley as the second-place holder of the most No. 1 records, will soon, if her new hit ditty goes to the top of the charts, tie the Beatles as the first-place holder of the most No. 1 records ever. Man. That’s — that’s just wrong. On so many levels. Why, exactly, is it wrong, you guys? Because you’re a bunch of mostly white old people who don’t understand R&B? If you’ll recall, your parents thought Elvis and the Beatles were trashy, too. We won’t defend Mariah Carey’s cultural relevance in comparison to those musical giants — though we do love her. But from now on, you’re no longer allowed to wonder why young people think your newspaper is irrelevant. Off the Charts [NYDN]