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  1. hillary watch
    The Meaning of Hillary’s Promise to ‘Hug It Out’As Ari Gold taught us, the point is to show the world that you are aggressively getting along.
  2. revolt like an egyptian
    Qaddafi’s ‘Entourage’ Wants Peace, at Least for ThemselvesBad entourage.
  3. early and often
    Obama Family TV Habits: Sadly, Just Like YoursHe watches sports, ‘Entourage,’ and the ‘Daily Show.’
  4. party lines
    Celebrities Skipping Out at SundanceHey, have you noticed how the celebrity supply in New York has been depleted these past few days? (Thankfully, we still have Tom Brady wearing a boot in the West Village.) It’s because all of the actors and directors are at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. But it seems like even in the celebrity fustercluck that is Park City right now, planners still can’t get enough star power to fuel their events. Apparently, Sundance schedules are so jam-packed with appointments, parties, and swag-suite visits that it’s no wonder they don’t make half the events they (well, their publicists) say they will. Of course, some no-shows you can see coming: Robert De Niro and Quentin Tarantino “expected” at a dinner for 50 Cent sponsored by VitaminWater? Um, sure. And we look forward to seeing Paris at the poetry reading.
  5. vulture
    We Cannot Believe We Continue to Watch ‘Entourage’So we were sitting there around 10:30 last night, more or less hating ourselves for just having spent a half-hour of our life watching Entourage. Had it always been this obnoxious? Did we just earlier not notice because we needed the comedown from The Sopranos, needed a half-hour of self-impressed vacuousness in which we could decompress? Or was it newly, differently bad lately, specifically last night? Good thing, then, we’ve got Vulture and its Entourage Guilt/Pleasure Index. Adam Sternbergh examines last night’s installment — including, as he points out, the most unpleasant mental image ever conjured by a television show — and declares the episode almost entirely guilty. Good to know it’s not just us. The ‘Entourage’ Guilt/Pleasure Index: Turtle Gets a What? [Vulture]
  6. gossipmonger
    All in the FamilyBee Shaffer and Austin Bryan, the offspring of Anna Wintour and her boyfriend, Shelby Bryan, held hands at Marquee. Harlem congressman Charles Rangel is likely getting a divorce and may be dating other women. The typewriter that disabled author Christy Brown used to bang out his best-selling autobiography (with his left foot, no less) will be auctioned off tomorrow. New York Yankee Jason Giambi took shots at a club. Sophie Dahl and longtime boyfriend Dan Baker Jr. broke up, and Mick Jagger may be to blame. Lindsay Lohan ex Harry Morton is now dating Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly. Mark Wahlberg and the real-life “E” acted like Vinnie Chase and the fictional “E.” Ronald and Nancy Reagan were once funneled money by a Hollywood studio through an illegitimate real-estate transaction.
  7. party lines
    What the ‘Entourage’ Cast Will Do on Its Summer Vacation The new season of Entourage screened at the Ziegfeld last night, and the cast showed up to celebrate the brief time off. So how will the boys enjoy the summer? Think long walks on the beach, golf, and the San Gennaro festival. Match these plans with Entourage actors Kevin Dillon (Drama), Jerry Ferrara (Turtle), and Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase). The answers are after the jump. A. The good thing about New York is you don’t really have to make plans. You let them come to you. B. We’ve got to try to find a pool, because it does get a little bit hot around here. C. I love to golf. I’m a member of Winged Foot Golf Club, which had the U.S. Open last year. It’s a really nice golf course in Mamaroneck. I like to get out there every chance I get.
  8. gossipmonger
    Since U Been Making Him MoneySony BMG chief Clive Davis doesn’t like Kelly Clarkson’s music, even though it makes his label a lot of money. Barbara Corcoran dropped trou for a bunch of people who commented that she’d lost weight. Ellen Barkin returned some diamonds she was loaned to wear to a Darfur benefit at Cannes at 3 a.m. Usher has taken to calling in radio stations to complain about hosts who make fun of his fiancée. President Bush promised a bunch of Vietnam vets that he’d read a book that alleges that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, among others, were responsible for keeping soldiers in Southeast Asia even after the U.S. withdrew from the region. In her new book, former venture capitalist Christine Comaford-Lynch compares Barbara Walters to a small action figure.
  9. gossipmonger
    Hollywood Agent Exaggerates!A former colleague of Hollywood superagent (and Ari Gold inspiration) Ari Emanuel says he intentionally threw tantrums when talking to Entourage producer Doug Ellin so they’d make it into the show’s script. Donna Hogan plans to make over her appearance — plastic surgery and all — so that she looks just like sister Anna Nicole Smith. NBC’s Campbell Brown may take Paula Zahn’s spot at CNN if she leaves. Jason Binn’s wife is pregnant. Dina Lohan denies saying she ever called herself the “White Oprah,” except that she did. Patti Smith is covering the Doors’ “Soul Kitchen” because a sanitation truck that almost ran her over was playing that song. Emma Thompson pissed off Will Smith when she pulled out a lit cigarette at the Waverly Inn. Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer is an investor in a lounge in Sag Harbor.
  10. vulture
    ‘Entourage’: Guilt or Pleasure? Here’s a question that’s no doubt been puzzling you as much as it’s been puzzling us: Why should only 24 get its foibles dissected with our beloved Absurd-o-Meter? Truth is, we had no good answer. And now that Vulture is up and running, our friends down the hall will be introducing a whole slew of regular, series-recapping features. Up first is today’s installment of the Entourage Guilt/Pleasure Index. Adam Sternbergh rates last night’s episode more pleasurable than guilt-inducing, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of guilt. Why? Find out at Vulture. ‘Entourage’: The Guilt/Pleasure Index [Vulture] Earlier: Introducing Vulture