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  1. environmental protection agency
    Trump Admin Makes It Easier for Coal Companies to Pollute in America AgainThe EPA, led by a former coal lobbyist, has rolled back rules for how coal companies discard of wastewater with pollutants including lead and arsenic.
  2. environment
    Trump Admin’s War on Public Health Comes for Science Informing EPA Policy-MakingBy targeting the use of confidential records in public-health research, the EPA could hinder researchers’ ability to propose data-driven legislation.
  3. california
    The EPA Joins Trump’s War on CaliforniaHomelessness has become another front in the full-on war between the administration and the nation’s largest state.
  4. political science
    Trump’s EPA Is Risking the Health of a Generation of American ChildrenThere’s a debate on kids’ health happening at the agency — without the scientists.
  5. Trump Plunges Ahead With Attack on Fuel Standards and CaliforniaIn a long-debated development, the administration freezes gas mileage standards and revokes California’s decades-old authority to be greener.
  6. Scandalous EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Finally ResignsPruitt heads off to the Scandal-Ridden Cabinet Members Hall of Fame, without so much as a moment’s acknowledgement of his misdeeds from the president.
  7. drain the swamp
    Scott Pruitt’s Lobbyist Landlord Tried to Get EPA Job for FriendNewly released emails reveal Vicki and J. Stephen Hart’s correspondence with, and requests of, Pruitt and his chief of staff.
  8. Trump Dumps Obama Effort to Prevent Oil SpillsBoth the business and “populist” wings of the GOP support Trump’s heavy tilt toward oil and gas at the expense of the environment.
  9. It’s Time for Your Daily Scott Pruitt Scandal ReportToday, the EPA administrator is under fire for using staffers to help his daughter get into college and using his position to get Rose Bowl tickets.
  10. Some of Pruitt’s Allies Are Starting to Turn on HimThe ongoing ethical disaster that is EPA administrator Scott Pruitt may finally be running out of luck.
  11. WaPo: Scott Pruitt Had an Aide Ask Donors to Find His Wife a JobThe EPA administrator’s latest scandal may run afoul of federal ethics rules.
  12. California’s Governor Calls EPA Chief ‘Outlaw Pruitt’Jerry Brown intensifies his war of words — and lawsuits — with the Trump administration.
  13. Trump’s EPA Declares War on California’s Fuel-Efficiency and Emissions StandardsThe battle between the Trump administration and the state of California expands to public land sales and an old fight over fuel-economy goals.
  14. draining the swamp
    EPA Mulled Leasing a Private Jet, and Other Scandalous Scott Pruitt RevelationsWith a flurry of new reports on his ethically questionable behavior, the EPA chief may be pulling ahead in the race to see who Trump fires next.
  15. the national interest
    Trump’s Climate Science-Disputing EPA Head Also Disputes EvolutionThe good news is that Scott Pruitt doesn’t only hate scientific theories that are bad for oil companies.
  16. the national interest
    The Trump Administration Is a Golden Age for Corporate CrimeThe federal government is enforcing hardly any rules at all on business.
  17. Pruitt Flies First Class to Avoid Dealing With the Riffraff in CoachThe EPA administrator not only thinks like an oil exec: he travels like one.
  18. the national interest
    Trump’s EPA Director Says Climate Change Will Be Good for UsSome like it hot. Unfortunately, one of them runs the EPA.
  19. the national interest
    Trump Promised to Ignore Climate Change But Have Clean Air. He Lied.Trump: “My administration wants to work with members in both parties … to promote clean air.” He’s doing the opposite.
  20. The EPA Is Driving Away Scientists and That’s Just What Trump WantsMore than 700 EPA employees, 200 of whom are scientists, have left the agency since Trump took office.
  21. Trump Picks Coal Lobbyist to Serve As Scott Pruitt’s No. 2 at EPAAndrew Wheeler once worked for Senator Jim Inhofe, who threw a snowball on the Senate floor to make point about global warming.
  22. EPA Dismisses Half the Scientists on Its Major Review BoardThey may replace some academics with people who work in the industries being regulated.
  23. EPA Head Denies Carbon Dioxide’s Role in Climate ChangeThat puts him at odds with NASA and NOAA, among many others.
  24. flint water crisis
    Flint Residents Must Pay Full Price for Water They Can’t Drink Without a FilterAs the water credits ended, the doctor who uncovered the crisis highlighted Flint’s plight as a guest at President Trump’s address to Congress.
  25. Team Trump Is Launching a Frontal Assault on the EPAThe new administration is wasting no time in bringing down the hammer, with plans to gut key aspects of the agency’s work.
  26. Will Trump’s EPA Let California Be Green?At his confirmation hearing, Trump’s nominee — who professes giving the states regulatory leeway — was noncommittal.
  27. cleaning up
    Gowanus Canal Residents to EPA: How About That Raw Sewage While You’re at It?Please?
  28. early and often
    Obama Administration Issues New Emissions Standards for TrucksThe rules are a taste of what the Obama agenda will look like when the Democrats don’t control Congress.