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  1. climate change
    Biden’s Climate Team Is a Bigger Deal for Cities Than Any Cabinet AppointmentA little help for mayors who said they could reduce emissions themselves.
  2. environmental protection agency
    Trump Admin Makes It Easier for Coal Companies to Pollute in America AgainThe EPA, led by a former coal lobbyist, has rolled back rules for how coal companies discard of wastewater with pollutants including lead and arsenic.
  3. environment
    Trump Administration Pushes Huge Environmental Rollbacks in Midst of PandemicLast week, the administration allowed polluters to self-regulate during the crisis. Now it is expected to enact a major cut to car emission standards.
  4. environment
    Trump’s EPA Agenda Is Wildly Unpopular. Dems Should Make It a 2020 Issue.Air pollution kills 100,000 Americans each year. Voters hate it. Trump is trying to make the problem worse. So why don’t Democrats talk about it?
  5. environment
    Trump Admin’s War on Public Health Comes for Science Informing EPA Policy-MakingBy targeting the use of confidential records in public-health research, the EPA could hinder researchers’ ability to propose data-driven legislation.
  6. pollution
    Air Pollution Increases Under Trump, Despite His Claim of World’s ‘Cleanest Air’EPA data shows that fine-particulate pollution rose 5.5 percent from 2016 to 2018, resulting in the premature deaths of 10,000 Americans.
  7. environment
    It’s Official: Trump Revokes California’s Power to Regulate Automobile EmissionsIt’s a sign of the administration’s adamant opposition to action on climate change, even at the expense of conservative states-rights principles.
  8. corruption
    EPA Science Said Trump’s Coal Rule Would Kill 1,400. So the EPA Ditched Science.Trump’s coal policy had an estimated death toll so high his administration couldn’t defend it. So the EPA is engineering a lower estimate.
  9. vision 2020
    Democrats Are Ignoring Their Party’s Strongest Issue for 2020Making it easier for corporations to poison children is unpopular. Trump has done so anyway. Democrats should make that a bigger issue.
  10. political science
    Trump’s EPA Is Risking the Health of a Generation of American ChildrenThere’s a debate on kids’ health happening at the agency — without the scientists.
  11. epa
    EPA Rolls Back Carbon Rule for New Coal Plants, But No One Wants to Build ThemThe change won’t result in any new coal-fired power plants, but it will make the coal industry feel like Trump is helping.
  12. life after warming
    Trump’s Climate Denial Isn’t Just a War on Our Coasts. It’s a War on Our Brains.The damage small-particulate pollution does will be more severe on a warmer planet. The EPA has closed the office dedicated to studying it.
  13. epa
    EPA: Actually, a Little Radiation Might Be Good For YouThe Trump administration is moving to weaken rules related to radiation exposure.
  14. climate change
    Trump Clears Way for Frackers to Leak Methane While Drilling on Federal LandThe Trump administration is rolling back rules that required oil and gas companies to cut down on methane emissions when drilling on public land.
  15. New EPA Chief Worries Trump’s Pro-Car-Pollution Plan Is IllegalBut other administration officials believe the plan is legal — because Brett Kavanaugh will say that it is, when the issue reaches the Supreme Court.
  16. The EPA Is Hiding Proof That a Widely Used Chemical Causes Leukemia: ReportTrump appointees are (reportedly) refusing to release a blockbuster EPA report — because industry lobbyists asked them not to.
  17. Natural Gas Is Hurting the Climate More Than We ThoughtScott Pruitt tried to suppress research on methane emissions at gas plants. A new study reveals that he had good reason to fear the truth.
  18. Scott Pruitt Has His Own Email Problem NowThe EPA claims that the administrator sent only one email from his official account in his first ten months on the job.
  19. Scott Pruitt Was Told to Stop Eating at the White House Mess So OftenThe EPA administrator was reportedly so fond of the well-priced White House mess that he had to be told to stay away.
  20. Scott Pruitt’s Front Row Seat to a Coal Baron’s GenerosityWhen it comes to simultaneous ethics scandals, the EPA director is headed for the hall of fame.
  21. AP Reporter Forcibly Removed by Guard After Being Barred From EPA MeetingAfter publishing an account of her treatment, she was allowed back into the meeting.
  22. Report: Pruitt Fast-tracks Superfund Cleanup After Hugh Hewitt–Brokered Sit-downJust another totally aboveboard move from the EPA administrator.
  23. Scott Pruitt Faces Yet Another InvestigationIt’s getting harder and harder to keep them straight.
  24. GOP Leader: Pruitt Has Some Explaining to DoAs Republican support for the EPA director wanes, Scott Pruitt takes out his frustration on environmental science.
  25. Lobbyist Who Rented Pruitt Cut-Rate Room Also Had Business Before the EPACan Pruitt survive his 75th ethical scandal in a month?
  26. Pro-Trump EPA Official: Pruitt Asked Us to Rent Him a Private PlaneNew testimony that Scott Pruitt is far more corrupt than previously understood.
  27. That EPA Seal Scott Pruitt Hates? He Can Blame Neil Gorsuch’s Mother.When she ran the agency under Reagan, she went out of her way to save a dated logo from extinction.
  28. 13 Threats to EPA Chief Scott PruittIncluding: “I am considering dumping the old paint I just scraped off of my home outside your office door.”
  29. Scott Pruitt’s Problems Aren’t Going AwayA new report contradicts the EPA administrator’s story about pay raises.
  30. Trump Doubles Down on Pruitt, For NowAnd the hotel and real estate mogul may not actually understand what “market rate” means.
  31. After Pruitt Overstayed His Lease, Lobbyist Landlords Changed LocksA bad week gets a little more embarrassing for the embattled EPA administrator.
  32. Pruitt Tries to Ruin the Planet Before Getting FiredIt was a busy day on many fronts for the embattled EPA administrator.
  33. The EPA Is Set to Roll Back Vehicle Emissions StandardsThe Trump administration is looking out for the auto industry.
  34. EPA Chief Got Sweetheart Deal From Lobbyist LandlordScott Pruitt has been renting a one-bedroom luxury condo in prime D.C. for $50 a night (a sum he doesn’t have to pay on nights he’s out of town).
  35. The EPA Is Instructing Its Staff to Cast Doubt on Climate ScienceA leaked memo asks officials to say that there are “clear gaps” in “our understanding of the role of human activity” in climate change.
  36. The EPA Wanted to Delay New Lead-Paint Rules for 6 More Years. A Court Said No.After dragging its feet under Obama and Trump, the EPA now has 90 days to write stricter standards for what constitutes a “dangerous” level of lead.
  37. The EPA Is Driving Away Scientists and That’s Just What Trump WantsMore than 700 EPA employees, 200 of whom are scientists, have left the agency since Trump took office.
  38. Too Lazy to Kill Regulations, Trump Is Ignoring Them InsteadThe president hasn’t eliminated all that many federal rules — but he has let the GOP’s friends run roughshod over them.
  39. the environment
    Report: Trump Administration EPA Going Soft on PollutersMaybe people who hate the EPA shouldn’t run the EPA.
  40. EPA Prevents Scientists From Speaking About Climate Change at ConferenceEPA head Scott Pruitt is a climate change skeptic.
  41. The EPA Is Preparing to Repeal Obama’s Signature Climate-Change RuleThe Clean Power Plan calls for a 32 percent reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants by 2032.
  42. Pruitt Spends Much of His Time With Executives From Industries the EPA RegulatesHe also makes time for long weekends in his home state, according to a review of his schedule.
  43. harvey
    EPA Denies Houston Superfund Sites Being Neglected, Attacks ReporterThe AP reported on Saturday that several Houston area toxic-waste sites had flooded and were not being checked by the agency.
  44. EPA Backs Down, Won’t Delay Obama-Era Clean Air RuleThe rule calls for a reduction in asthma-causing ground-level ozone.
  45. Federal Employees Discuss the Ethics of Sticking It Out With Trump’s GovernmentStay in an attempt to influence a hostile administration, or go when your personal red line is crossed?
  46. EPA Dismisses Half the Scientists on Its Major Review BoardThey may replace some academics with people who work in the industries being regulated.
  47. climate denial
    EPA Scrubs Climate-Change Sections From Website“Our website needs to reflect the views of the leadership of the agency.”
  48. EPA Lobbies Coal Industry to Oppose Paris Climate AccordScott Pruitt reportedly urged the National Mining Association to declare its opposition to the Paris agreement.
  49. EPA May Scrap Limit on How Much Mercury Coal Plants Can SpewThe agency will “review” its support for the measure “in light of the recent change in administration.”
  50. EPA Chief Overrules Scientists, Declines to Ban Pesticide Linked to Fetal DamageEPA scientists recommended banning chlorpyrifos, after research linked prenatal exposure to impaired brain development. Dow Chemical disapproved.
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