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  1. The Reality of Climate Change Is Catching Up to the GOPSeventeen House Republicans — many from areas already suffering the consequences of climate change — have signed onto a call for action.
  2. President Trump’s Gold-Plated Budget PlanThe billionaire president’s fiscal agenda grows more lavish by the day.
  3. Senate Confirms Leading Opponent of Environmental Regulation As Head of the EPAScott Pruitt will spearhead the Trump administration’s efforts to increase water pollution and accelerate man-made climate change.
  4. Trump Will Force EPA to Clear Studies With His Appointees Before Publishing ThemThe White House has demanded that its appointees review any studies produced by the EPA before the public gets a look at the data.
  5. EPA Removes Frackers’ Favorite Sentence From Report on Water ContaminationThe agency is no longer comfortable asserting that “hydraulic fracturing activities have not led to widespread, systemic impacts” on drinking water.
  6. Report: Donald Trump Names Scott Pruitt As Head of the EPAPruitt has sued the EPA over various regulations of air and water pollution. Now, he’ll have the chance to change those policies directly.
  7. Why Obama Is Writing a Flood of New Regulations for Trump to RepealThere are only so many hours in a legislative day.
  8. Here’s How the GOP Will Swiftly Kill Obama’s Final RegulationsA little-known law will allow Republicans to repeal Obama’s expansion of overtime pay with a simple majority vote in the House and Senate.
  9. Obama Wins Another Battle in His War on CoalBut this thing is probably headed for the Supreme Court.
  10. flint water crisis
    EPA Regional Administrator Resigns Over Flint Water CrisisThe agency has also ordered Michigan to address the lead contamination immediately.
  11. farfegnugen
    Volkswagen Tries to Atone With Gift CardsOwners can take the gift even if they’re planning to sue the company.
  12. twitter
    EPA Tweet Reveals Agency Is Keeping Up With the KardashiansOur government was nice while it lasted.
  13. defecation nation
    EPA to Employees: No Pooping in HallwaysProtecting the environment and disgracing the carpet. 
  14. environment
    EPA Will Propose 30 Percent Cut in Power Plants’ Carbon EmissionsIn what may be the government’s biggest effort to fight climate change.
  15. neighborhood news
    New York’s New Superfund Site Is a Block in Ridgewood It’s the most radioactive place in the city.
  16. buried treasure
    EPA’s Gowanus Cleanup Reveals Sunken Vessels, Possibly From the Eighteenth CenturyThe ships may be from the canal’s heyday as an industrial highway.
  17. cleaning up
    Gowanus Canal Residents to EPA: How About That Raw Sewage While You’re at It?Please?
  18. early and often
    Obama to Let States Have Their Way With AutomakersNew York is one of over a dozen states hoping to set tighter fuel-efficiency standards, which the EPA forbade under President Bush.