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  1. religion
    Evangelical Pundit Erick Erickson Denies That Pete Buttigieg Can Be a ChristianAs is typical of many Christian right figures, Erickson presumes to judge Mayor Pete’s faith and arrogantly finds it lacking.
  2. religion
    Openly Gay, Openly Christian Buttigieg Challenges the Religious RightA churchgoing, married vet who happens to be gay will likely confound a religious right that embraces homophobia and President Trump.
  3. Gorsuch Could Give WASPs Representation on SCOTUS AgainTrump’s nominee would be the 34th Episcopalian to serve on the Court. But it’s been a while.
  4. encounter
    Visiting Stonewall and Broadway With Retired Gay Bishop Gene RobinsonEven harder than being a gay icon, perhaps, is figuring out how to live as a gay icon emeritus.
  5. equal rites
    Episcopal Church Approves Rite to Bless Same-Sex UnionsBecoming the largest U.S. denomination to sanction same-sex relationships.
  6. occupy duarte square
    Retired Episcopal Bishop Nabbed in OWS Protests Against Trinity Episcopal ChurchHis wife: “He looked pretty happy in the paddy wagon.”
  7. the gods must be crazy
    Episcopal Church to Jim McGreevey: You Can’t Be a Priest, But It’s Not Because You’re GayIt’s for another reason.
  8. the gods must be crazy
    Alberto Cutié to Get Syndicated Talk ShowThe former Catholic priest will be dishing out advice.
  9. party lines
    Martha Plimpton Will Believe AnythingBroadway’s newest rock musical, Passing Strange, is about leaving home and finding yourself. So after a recent performance, we asked audience member Martha Plimpton about a time when she tried to find herself. It turns out that in high school, she explained, she tried to do it through Jesus. “Instead of becoming a punk-rocker, I became a church lady,” she said. “I was baptized and everything, which in its own way was rebellious. But I was Episcopal, so it was only so rebellious. It’s not like I swore off sex and booze and all that. I just added church.” Lately, her spiritual quest took her to a two-hour stint in a Mexican sweat lodge. “I don’t think I discovered anything about myself, but I did learn quite a few things,” she said. “You’ll literally believe anything when you’re in a 500-degree stone igloo.” —Jada Yuan