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Equal Rights

  1. On the 150th Birthday of the 14th Amendment, Its Future Hangs in the BalanceTrump may not know the 14th Amendment from the 14th floor of one of his hotels, but his second SCOTUS pick could greatly affect its interpretation.
  2. It’s Juneteenth: Time to Renew a Commitment to True EqualityAt a time when many white Americans are in denial about the reality of race relations, Juneteenth offers a chance to remember and understand.
  3. equal rights
    North Carolina Lawmakers Announce Deal on Bathroom LawLGBT groups dismissed the compromise, saying it’s just “doubling down on the discrimination.”
  4. lgbt rights
    Mississippi Senate Passes Most Sweeping Anti-LGBT Legislation in the U.S.Just a week after North Carolina.
  5. equal rights
    Cuomo and de Blasio Ban Travel to North Carolina Over Anti-LGBT LawJoining other governments and many businesses in opposing the new measure.
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    Trinity Church on Wall Street to Host ‘Gay Blood’ ArtworkArtist protests the FDA’s ban on gay men donating blood if they haven’t been celibate for a year.
  7. lesbians aren’t that bad
    Is Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Really Out to Get Conservative Preachers?The answer won’t surprise you.
  8. Gay-Marriage Bill Moving Forward in MarylandExpected to hit Democratic governor’s desk in coming days.
  9. marriage equality
    Senators Who Voted for Gay Marriage Get DonationsThe good kind of consequences.
  10. aloha
    Hawaii to Pass Same-Sex Civil Unions?Hawaii’s governor-elect Neil Abercrombie could make that state even more fun.
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    NYPD Officers Come Up With New Slur to Harass Gay Queens Cop“Meat gazer.”
  12. don’t ask don’t tell
    Obama Administration Requests an Immediate Stay on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell InjunctionPresident Obama prefers an “orderly” legislative repeal.