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    Equifax Hurt Too Many Consumers to Pay Each $125 As PromisedThe firm that negligently exposed your data can’t afford to pay what it promised. So please take some definitely trustworthy free services instead.
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    That Equifax Hack Was ‘Entirely Preventable’Bleak news from a government investigation.
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    This Vermont Librarian Took Equifax to Court … and WonEquifax now has to pay for Jessamyn West’s identity to be monitored for two years.
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    Turns Out That Equifax Hack Was Even Worse Than We ThoughtAnother 2.4 million people need to be concerned.
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    Government Pulls Brakes on Investigating Equifax BreachThe Trump-appointed director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has halted the investigation.
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    Well, It Looks Like Equifax Has Been Hacked AgainMalware has been found on a web page intended for customer assistance.
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    The Monopoly Man Crashed Today’s Senate Equifax HearingThe ensemble included a mustache, monocle, and wads of fake money.
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    Equifax Says 2.5 Million More Americans May Be Impacted by Data BreachThis would bring the total to a whopping 145.5 million people.
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    Somebody Tell Equifax That ‘Admin’ Is a Terrible Password and UsernameThe security gaffe happened in Argentina and was unrelated to the recent hack in the U.S.
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    Equifax Is a Superfund SiteThe penalties for companies that harvest data and then get hacked should be much higher.
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    So What Happens With All That Equifax Data?The data is on the loose, ready to be sold to the highest bidder.
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    Equifax Screwed Up Its Data Breach From Nearly Every AngleHow not to handle a massive data breach.
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    Equifax Credit-Card-Data Breach Could Be Largest in U.S. HistoryCredit-reporting firm Equifax says over 140 million customers may be affected.