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  1. nba
    Enes Kanter Is the Man in the MiddleThe Turkish basketball player is hoping to anchor the playoff-bound Portland Trail Blazers at center. But his most important role is off the court.
  2. foreign affairs
    Turkey’s Economy Is on a Collision Course With Reality, & It’s Not Trump’s FaultErdogan’s easy money policy bought him his popularity, but his reluctance to shore up his currency could tank the Turkish economy.
  3. president trump
    Why Trump’s Turkey Tariffs Are Worrying InvestorsTrump just suggested that any country whose currency falls against the dollar is a fair target for sanctions, no matter the cause of depreciation.
  4. Erdoğan Wins Reelection, Consolidating His Already Vast PowerHis opponents conceded that he won, but said “the race wasn’t fair.”
  5. Mike Flynn’s Firm Made a Pro-Erdogan Propaganda Film While He Advised TrumpThe firm also attempted to hide its role in the film, which constituted the bulk of work it did on behalf of Turkey’s government.
  6. New Video Appears to Show Turkish President Watching Protesters ClashHe gets out of his car as the skirmish, which included members of his security detail, is unfolding.
  7. Erdogan Guards Involved in Brawl During Protest Outside Turkish Embassy in D.C.The State Department said it was “concerned” about the violent incident that happened while Trump hosted the Turkish president on Tuesday.
  8. select all
    Salt Bae Casts Meme-y Vote in Election Over Authoritarian Turkish RuleAdd a little pinch of … electoral participation.
  9. The Radical Unpredictability of Donald TrumpAs everyone tries to get a fix on what his administration will be like, the most terrifying possibility is that it will follow no pattern at all.
  10. international affairs
    Kurdish Militants Claim Responsibility for Deadly Twin Bombings in IstanbulThe attack killed 38 people, including 31 police officers, and injured more than 160.
  11. international affairs
    Erdogan Takes Control of Turkish Military Following Attempted CoupThe Turkish president fired nearly 1,400 military members and replaced top staffers with government ministers.
  12. international affairs
    Turkey Suspends Human-Rights ConventionThe government claims fundamental freedoms will remain in place as it continues to purge state institutions of suspected dissidents.
  13. turkey
    Hundreds Dead, Thousands Arrested After Failed Military Coup in TurkeyThe Turkish government has regained control and begun a widespread crackdown on those it alleges are responsible for the uprising.
  14. Floundering Coup Attempt Throws Turkey Into ChaosA faction within Turkey’s military attempted to overthrow the government Friday, but was met with widespread opposition from the nation’s people and major political parties.
  15. Germany to Prosecute Comic for Mocking ErdoganA little-known German law takes a very, well, German approach to the question of whether it’s okay to ridicule representatives of other nations.
  16. ten things i hate about you
    Putin and Erdogan Still Hate Each OtherWait, you guys don’t like each other? The “not returning calls” and “shooting down planes” totally didn’t tip me off!
  17. important questions
    Turkish Judge Asks, ‘Is Gollum Good or Bad?’A man’s fate relies on the answer.
  18. foreign affairs
    Putin Imposes Sanctions on Turkey Over Downed WarplaneMeanwhile, the U.S. is calling for Turkish troops to seal much of the Syrian border in order to combat ISIS.
  19. foreign affairs
    Erdoğan Wins Big in Turkish ElectionHe and his ruling political party have regained their parliamentary majority in the troubled country after a deeply divisive campaign.