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  1. neighborhood news
    The Trump Boys Are Back in TownEric and Don Jr. defend their father in court.
  2. court appearances
    The Trump-SBF Trial Doubleheader Is the Ultimate New York SceneWhat I saw awaiting Don Jr. and a verdict.
  3. tremendous content
    Do the Trumps Want to Crop Kimberly Guilfoyle Out of the Family?Eric Trump felt compelled to announce that, despite the rumors, he doesn’t hate his brother’s fiancée. Ivanka Trump’s silence may say more.
  4. stop the presses
    Welcome to the Beach Cafe, the Upper East Side’s Republican CheersAnn Coulter, Cindy Adams, and Donald Jr. hang out there; try the (Roger) Stone Burger.
  5. trump pardons
    Everyone Trump Might Pardon Before He Leaves OfficeFrom his three eldest children to Tiger King’s Joe Exotic, there are a number of people the president may try to pardon — including himself.
  6. trump family chronicles
    What Will the Trump Kids Do After Daddy Leaves the White House?A first installment of the Trump Family Chronicles, which will follow American’s First Family into exile and possible return.
  7. republican national convention
    Night Two of the RNC Badly Needed an EditorAfter a wild first night, the second night of the RNC had its insane moments but lacked pace and drama.
  8. qanon
    Fox News Host Jesse Waters Praises QAnon for Uncovering ‘Great Stuff’In a segment on Saturday, Watters complimented the conspiracy, which has been designated a domestic terrorism threat by the FBI.
  9. the national interest
    Report: Trump Organization Is Bilking Taxpayers and Lying About It“I probably have a legal obligation, Mr. Attorney, to report corruption.” Here’s a hot lead for you to investigate, Mr. President.
  10. last night on late night
    Do SNL’s Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump Look Like People Who Lose?Trick question.
  11. politics
    Eric Trump Rips ‘Sickening’ Political Families That Enrich ThemselvesOf course, he doesn’t consider his family among them.
  12. politics
    World’s Least Self-Aware Person, Donald Trump Jr., Attacks Bidens for NepotismWhere would Donald Trump Jr. be if his name was not Donald Trump Jr.?
  13. food politics
    Eric Trump Walks Into a Bar — and an Employee Spits on HimThe president’s son says he got more than he bargained for at the Aviary in Chicago.
  14. undocumented immigration
    Trump and His Company Are No Aliens to Undocumented WorkersThe crackdown on undocumented workers at two of Trump’s clubs reveals the fake views at the heart of the president’s political career.
  15. the national interest
    Trump’s Crooked Foundation Dissolves, But Investigation ContinuesIt’s the grift that keeps on grifting.
  16. Trump Org Donates $151,000 in Foreign Profits to U.S. TreasuryCritics say the donations are an admission that Trump violated the foreign emoluments clause.
  17. Did the Trump Organization Make Money From Eric Trump’s Cancer Charity?A report in Forbes suggests Eric Trump paid foundation money to the Trump Organization for expenses he told donors were nonexistent.
  18. Eric Trump: Syria Strike Proves My Dad Has No Russia Ties“If there was anything that [bombing] Syria did, it was to validate the fact that there is no Russia tie.”
  19. early and often
    Following Ethics Complaints, Eric Trump Will Stop Fundraising for His Charity“As unfortunate as it is, I understand the quagmire,” he said.
  20. Trump’s Tech Meeting Disrupted the Norms of Liberal DemocracyTrump promised to cede control of his company to his sons, Eric and Don Jr. Then, he invited them to a policy meeting with Silicon Valley titans.
  21. select all
    It’s Time to Put Eric Trump in Selfie JailIt’s terrible that Eric Trump must be thrown in selfie prison for life for taking an illegal ballot selfie, but the law is clear.
  22. With Father’s Campaign in Chaos, Eric Trump Looked to Trade Guns on the InternetA user with a name that appears to belong to the presidential candidate’s son posted on a hunting site looking to exchange firearms.
  23. Eric Trump Says David Duke Deserves to Be ShotEric declares his opposition to political extremism by calling for the assassination of a (white supremacist) Senate candidate.
  24. Donald Trump’s Son Says ‘Waterboarding Happens on College Campuses Every Day’Maybe Trump thinks “waterboarding” is a synonym for heavy drinking.
  25. the donald
    Jerry Seinfeld Now a Rabid Anti-TrumpiteHe pulls out of a charity event hosted by Donald Trump’s son because of the birther thing.
  26. trumped!
    Eric Trump Was ‘Blown Away’ By His Insane Birthday CakeNot literally, as the gun was made of frosting.
  27. gossipmonger
    Is Sam Ronson Supposed to Do Lesbian Benefits Just Because She Is One?Supposedly she turned down a benefit for a Village lady-bar. And will we see you at Steve Rubell’s cousin’s new Joan Crawford–themed club? More in today’s gossip roundup.
  28. gossipmonger
    Jerry Seinfeld and Ralph Lauren Brunch TogetherJust friends? Or was Lauren pitching him a puffy-shirt concept? That and more in today’s New York gossip roundup.