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Erick Erickson

  1. syria
    Why Trump’s Evangelical Allies Are Enraged Over His Betrayal of the KurdsNeocons aren’t the only ones angry at Trump for green-lighting a Turkish invasion. Religious leaders say it could harm Christians in the region.
  2. pete buttigieg
    Buttigieg Says God Not a Partisan, But Not Republican, EitherMayor Pete needs to be careful to avoid the slippery slope that leads to a self-righteous Christian left.
  3. religion
    Evangelical Pundit Erick Erickson Denies That Pete Buttigieg Can Be a ChristianAs is typical of many Christian right figures, Erickson presumes to judge Mayor Pete’s faith and arrogantly finds it lacking.
  4. From Tea to Trump Not That Long a JourneyIf you think the tea party was all about limited government and not race and culture, you probably think Trump’s just the candidate of common sense.
  5. A #NeverTrump Stalwart Was Actually Kind of Charmed by Trump’s Muslim-Ban SpeechIs Erick Erickson wavering?
  6. Conservatives Talking Anti-Trump 3rd-Party BidBefore party elites begin to cave to Trump, some conservatives are threatening to go rogue if he’s the GOP nominee. Throwing the presidential contest into the U.S. House is one of the more alarming possibilities the cabal is considering.
  7. the national interest
    Erick Erickson Nostalgic for Anti-Asian RacismCelebrating Pearl Harbor Day, red-state-style.
  8. the hunt for red november
    Huntsman + Erickson = LuvHunstman REALLY wants you to know Red State has warmed to him.
  9. occupy wall street
    Some of the ‘53 Percent’ Are Apparently Unaware That They Are Actually the 47 PercentThis seems to undermine the movement a little bit.
  10. politics
    Can Erick Erickson Change the GOP From His Living Room?Erick Erickson is having a moment, and it’s a prolonged one.
  11. what the huck?
    Mike Huckabee Not Running, Maybe, According to Some PeopleAlso, he might still be undecided. Exciting!