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Erik Prince

  1. the swamp
    The Life and Death of the Most Notorious Man in WashingtonPaul Behrends went from fighting the Soviets to palling around with the Trump era’s most notorious Russians.
  2. first person
    My Evening With Erik Prince and Steve BannonI heard about a Young Republicans gathering in Manhattan where these two men would be speaking. So I bought a ticket.
  3. politics
    Erik Prince Has Plans for Venezuela — If He Can Avoid Perjury RapThe Blackwater founder reportedly wants mercenaries in Venezuela. A criminal referral to the DOJ over his Mueller testimony may or may not deter him.
  4. mueller time
    Mueller Report Offers More Evidence That Erik Prince Lied to CongressHe told a congressional committee that he met a Russian oligarch in the Seychelles by accident. That doesn’t seem to be true.
  5. russia investigation
    Erik Prince Suggests He Didn’t Lie, Congress Got ‘Transcript Wrong’Prince offered a weak excuse for failing to mention a relevant Trump Tower meeting during his House Testimony.
  6. endless war
    Report: Trump Is Considering Erik Prince’s Plan to Privatize the Afghanistan WarThe Blackwater founder is pushing a plan to replace soldiers with contractors and Trump is warming to it.
  7. the national interest
    Why the Times Report on the New Trump Tower Meeting Is Freaking Trump OutThe president screams that the shadowy nexus of Erik Prince, George Nader, and the Gulf States has nothing to do with Russia. Hmm.
  8. russia probe
    What We Know About Efforts to Set Up a Trump-Russia Back ChannelMueller reportedly has evidence that Erik Prince met a Russian official in the Seychelles to establish a link between the Trump team and Moscow.
  9. Will It Be Trump Versus Bannon in 2018 Senate Primaries?If the recent Alabama primary is any indication, it’s possible neither the president nor his former confidant is going to make much of a difference.
  10. Steve Bannon’s Dubious Plan to Purge Senate RepublicansIt’s hard to tell whether it’s just talk or a real threat.
  11. Milo’s Big Wing-Nut Hootenanny in Berkeley Turning Out to Be a ShamYiannopoulos’s big conservative event in Berkeley is melting into disorganized chaos, not antifa-baiting provocation. It will probably be canceled.
  12. Report: Blackwater Founder in Secret Talks for Trump With Putin AssociateAn explosive new report from the Washington Post alleges the shadowy founder of the Blackwater security firm held secret talks in the Seychelles.
  13. the prince of darkness
    Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Will Implicate the Democrats in His MemoirLooks like George Bush wasn’t the only one approving Blackwater operations.