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Erin Callan

  1. white women with money
    Erin Callan Continues to Enjoy Life After LehmanShe got married.
  2. nude lips sink ships
    Erin Callan Is Living the DreamShe lives in the woods and dates a fireman.
  3. the gorilla
    Former Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld Has a Passion for FashionHe’s basically Anna Wintour without the bob.
  4. the greatest depression
    The Financial-Crisis Lit Cheat SheetThe best bits from the flood of books recapping last year’s Wall Street meltdown.
  5. white men with money
    Erin Callan Needs A Little Me TimeThe Face of the Beginning of the End of Lehman Brothers is taking a leave of absence from her new job.
  6. white women with money
    Dick Fuld Kind of a Crybaby, Says Former Lehman CFOBut the way he blubbered as his firm was going down the tubes was really sweet, says Erin Callan.
  7. it just happened
    Erin Callan Out at LehmanThe ex-CFO leaves the embattled bank and its vicious queen CEO for hot Swiss action.
  8. company town
    When Yahoo Takes a Beating, Carl Icahn Has a Bad DayIn today’s Company Town: Yahoo goes down, ‘The Wall Street Journal’ gets sloppy, Harry Macklowe throws in the towel, and more.
  9. it just happened
    Erin Callan, Joseph Gregory Out at LehmanWhoa. We knew Dick Fuld was not a fan of Lehman Brothers COO’s sleazy green suits or CFO Erin Callan’s nude lipstick, but we didn’t think he’d FIRE them.