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  1. life in pixels
    Coleen Rooney, Instagram SpycatcherThe WAG George Smiley acknowledges the truth: Social media makes spies of us all.
  2. mar-a-lago
    Did the Secret Service Catch a Chinese Spy in Mar-a-Lago?Yujing Zhang was caught sneaking into the president’s club carrying four phones, a laptop, and a thumb drive full of malware.
  3. international affairs
    U.K. Diners May Have Been Exposed to Nerve Agent Used to Poison Russian SpyPatrons of two establishments in Salisbury have been asked to wash their clothes, though authorities say the risk is minimal.
  4. espionage
    Alleged Leaker Reality Winner Pleads Not Guilty, Is Denied BailProsecutors claim she wrote, “I want to burn the White House down” in a notebook, and may have leaked other documents.
  5. Russia Misled White House About Oval Office PhotographerThe White House thought Lavrov’s photographer was not a member of the news media. But he was one — and, also, maybe, a spy.
  6. espionage
    Clapper Denounces ‘Corrosive and Damaging’ Trump Dossier LeakHe says the U.S. intelligence community “has not made any judgment” on whether the document is reliable.
  7. WSJ Identifies Author of Trump Dossier As Ex–British Agent Christopher SteeleThis guy’s name is straight out of a schlocky spy novel.
  8. espionage
    That Dark Spot in the New York Skyline Is Probably a Top-Secret NSA Spy StationWe always knew there was something funny about that building.
  9. select all
    Who Is Attacking the Companies That Maintain the Internet?They’re only doing test runs. For now.
  10. crimes and misdeamnors
    U.S. Naval Officer Charged With EspionageLieutenant Commander Edward Lin was allegedly passing secrets to China.
  11. Bernie Sanders Campaign Suing DNC for Access to Voter DataThe DNC decided to block the senator’s campaign from the important voter data after a breach.
  12. international intrigue
    U.S. Doesn’t Trust the Waldorf Astoria AnymoreThe classic New York hotel’s new ownership by a Chinese company has led to worrying about eavesdropping.
  13. loose lips
    Try As It Might, The U.S. Can’t Find a Way to Prosecute Julian AssangeIf not espionage, then how about conspiracy?
  14. loose lips
    Military Can’t Find Evidence to Connect Bradley Manning With Julian AssangeAssange: Told you so.
  15. spies like us
    U.S. Officials Knew About the Russian Spies for Ten YearsThis keeps getting weirder.
  16. spies like us
    Russian Spy Gang Pleads Guilty Ahead of Swap - UpdateThen comes the Spy Swap!