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  1. sports
    ESPN Layoffs Target On-Air Talent, Including Announcer Jeff Van GundySay good-bye to Van Gundy, Keyshawn Johnson, and Steve Young, as part of parent company Disney’s massive layoffs this year.
  2. games
    It’s About to Get Incredibly Expensive to Watch SportsCable TV was the worst way to follow your favorite team, except for every other way.
  3. sports
    Maria Taylor Leaves ESPN Weeks After Rachel Nichols’s Comments LeakAfter the fallout from Nichols’s claim suggesting Taylor received assignments because she is Black, Taylor is reportedly close to a deal with NBC.
  4. vulture sports
    ESPN’s Malika Andrews to Replace Rachel Nichols During NBA FinalsFollowing her comments about colleague Maria Taylor.
  5. games
    ESPN’s Michael Jordan Documentary and the Enduring Power of 30 for 30The highly anticipated series could be the next step in the network’s filmmaking evolution.
  6. coronavirus
    What Will ESPN Do Without Sports?The coronavirus shutdown has left the self-proclaimed “worldwide leader in sports” scrambling to fill airtime.
  7. games
    How the World Got Too Crowded for the World SeriesThe crowning event of America’s Pastime is now just another thing on TV. But there may be another way forward.
  8. games
    Stephen A. Smith and the Lure of LosingThe Knicks’ strategy worked better than statistics predicted. So why does it feel like it failed?
  9. games
    There Is No Sports Without PoliticsSinclair, a conservative local news broadcaster, will not have to change much about itself when it expands into sports.
  10. games
    Why the MLB Off-season Explains Our Response to the Mueller InvestigationWe see the trees, but not the forest; we see so many atoms that we barely react when the bomb hits.
  11. games
    College Football Players Are Going to Start Quitting Bowl GamesMaybe even on college football altogether. The only question is how soon.
  12. games
    Nobody’s Going to Sports in Person Anymore. And No One Seems to Care.Which may be because it’s all by design.
  13. games
    The NBA Draft Is Great. It’s Also Totally Un-American.Sports have some really unfortunate ideas about competition, free markets, and labor, it turns out.
  14. ESPN: The Patriots Dynasty Is On the Verge of DeflatingTom Brady, Bill Belichick and Bob Kraft are denying the bombshell report and insisting they “stand united.”
  15. encounter
    Touring ESPN With Jemele Hill, SportsCenter Anchor Turned Liberal Hero“There are times when certain things are happening in this world and I truly couldn’t care less about Jerry Jones’s fight with Roger Goodell.”
  16. Jemele Hill and the Perils of a for-Profit Fourth EstateESPN’s suspension of Hill is a reminder that for-profit news outlets can’t be trusted to put the public interest above their bottom line.
  17. ESPN Removes Announcer Robert Lee From UVA Game Because of His NameThe network didn’t want Robert Lee, the college-football play-by-play guy, to remind anyone of Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general.
  18. ESPN Axes Around 100 Employees, On-air Talent IncludedThe worldwide leader is cutting jobs as it loses subscribers and pays more for broadcasting rights.
  19. games
    ESPN’s Eight-Hour O.J. Documentary Is a MasterpieceO.J.: Made in America is going to blow your mind.
  20. the sports section
    ESPN Edits Bloody-Sock Game Out of DocumentarySaid Schilling on Twitter: “Hmm #integritymuch?
  21. the sports section
    ESPN Fires Curt Schilling for ‘Unacceptable’ ConductA transphobic Facebook post was the last straw for the former Red Sox pitcher.
  22. the sports section
    If You Thought Bill Simmons Was Mad at ESPN Before, You Ain’t Seen Nothing YetHis site might have a “public editor” devoted to the network.
  23. the sports section
    Jason Pierre-Paul Suing ESPN and Adam SchefterSchefter tweeted an image of Pierre-Paul’s medical records days after the Giants defensive end injured his hand in a fireworks accident.
  24. the sports section
    Bill Simmons to Launch His Grantland Follow-up, the RingerAnother piece of his post-ESPN plans comes into focus.
  25. media
    Keith Olbermann and ESPN Break Up, Once AgainThe network reportedly wanted him to stop it with the commentaries.
  26. media
    Jason Whitlock and the Messy Saga of ESPN’s ‘Black Grantland’He has been fired from the website he was supposed to create. The fallout is revealing cracks in ESPN’s empire.
  27. You’ve Reportedly Heard Your Last ‘B.S. Report’ EverSports Illustrated reports that Bill Simmons won’t appear on any ESPN platforms before his contract ends.
  28. media
    Bill Simmons Is Leaving ESPNESPN president announces, “I’ve decided that I’m not going to renew his contract.”
  29. media
    Bill Simmons Is Now Beefing With His Fellow ESPN Stars in PublicA Twitter rant from the recently reinstated Grantland editor and columnist.
  30. media
    Bill Simmons Is Back. Here’s How He Spent His Suspension From ESPN.According to Instagram.
  31. media
    ESPN Sick of Simmons Signature Bad-Boy AttitudeThe network explains its punishment.
  32. the sports section
    ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons for Criticizing NFL Commissioner Roger GoodellIn ESPN’s defense, he dared them to do it.
  33. the sports section
    ESPN Sorry for Michael Sam Shower ReportAfter defending it yesterday.
  34. blowhards
    ESPN Suspends Stephen A. Smith for a WeekESPN gives the First Take host seven days off.
  35. disgusting things
    Stephen A. Smith Mansplains Domestic Violence“Let’s make sure we don’t do anything to provoke wrong actions,” he said.
  36. blog-stained wretches
    The All-New, Stat-Heavy FiveThirtyEight, by the NumbersNate Silver’s new mega-site is live. Time for first impressions!
  37. blog-stained wretches
    Nate Silver Interview: The New FiveThirtyEightThe site debuts on Monday, but the numbers whiz is only 75 percent ready.
  38. the sports section
    ESPN Columnist Mangled American Indian Father-in-Law’s Words on the RedskinsHe meant exactly the opposite.
  39. blog-stained wretches
    Nate Silver’s New FiveThirtyEight Wants to Hire More Nate SilversIn sports, politics, and economics.
  40. the sports section
    ‘Sensational’ Trailer Ended Frontline Partnership, Claims ESPNThe network’s president says it was the “catalyst” for their breakup.
  41. the sports section
    Report: ESPN Does NFL’s BiddingDid ESPN pull out of an unflattering documentary because the NFL wanted it to?
  42. Nate Silver Didn’t Come Here to Make FriendsHe dismisses grumblings from former Times colleagues.
  43. blog-stained wretches
    What Made Nate Silver Leave the New York Times?The promise of airtime and a lot of editorial freedom, according to Politico.
  44. media
    Nate Silver Is Leaving the New York Times for ESPNWhere he’s expected to work with Keith Olbermann.
  45. cable-stained wretches
    Keith Olbermann Is Headed Back to ESPN, With a CaveatHe’s not allowed to talk politics.
  46. talking heads
    Keith Olbermann Might Go Back to ESPNFingers crossed!
  47. cable-stained wretches
    Profitable ESPN Cites Higher Game Fees in Cutting 300-400 JobsThe network will lay some people off and leave some positions unfilled.
  48. advertisingpocalypse
    Glenn Beck Is Returning to New York, On TelevisionCablevision has picked up The Blaze.
  49. advertisingpocalypse
    Who’s Advertising Directly to Obama on ESPN?Someone he probably won’t hear.
  50. Does ESPN Really ‘Regret’ Broussard Distraction?ESPN had to know what it was doing. 
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