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  1. Trump Campaign Calls Ted Cruz the Establishment’s ‘Trojan Horse’Team Trump suggests the Establishment’s second-most-hated man has become their plaything.
  2. Trump Predicts Riots If He Loses at Convention“I think you would see problems like you’ve never seen before. I think bad things would happen.”
  3. The DNC Chair Lends a Hand to Payday LendersWasserman Schultz is bravely protecting payday lenders against Elizabeth Warren’s regulatory agency.
  4. Even the GOP Establishment Has Stopped Clapping for Jeb BushAhead of the New Hampshire primary, the GOP Establishment is sending Jeb Bush’s campaign a clear message: Beat Rubio or die.
  5. How GOP Donors Learned to Love Donald TrumpHis demagoguery isn’t racist — it’s “entrepreneurial.”