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  1. the national interest
    An Inheritance Tax Is Democrats’ Best Weapon Against Trump’s OligarchyA popular plan that gives Democrats a way to frame Trump’s economic privilege.
  2. Grassley: Non-Wealthy People Would Waste Tax Cuts on ‘Booze or Women or Movies’It’s an implicit part of conservative economic theory that investors are the only people who matter. But most GOP pols don’t say it out loud.
  3. The GOP Tax Plan Takes From Orphans, Gives to Trust-Fund KidsRight-wing populism is one hell of a drug.
  4. Trump Tax Bill Hammers New York and CaliforniaOther than hitting the bicoastal upper-middle-class folk, the House GOP tax writers picked their fights carefully.
  5. Trump’s Tax Plan: Prioritize Cuts for the Rich, Say He Isn’tRepublicans have their final framework for tax reform — and it still includes tax breaks that only multimillionaires can use.
  6. Clinton Reveals Plan to Reduce the Trump Children’s InheritanceClinton raises the top rate in her estate-tax plan to 65 percent. (Trump wants to repeal the tax entirely.)