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  1. coronavirus
    The Coronavirus CrusadesTrump’s diehards are useful stooges for other interests.
  2. coronavirus
    Eugenics Isn’t Going to Get Us Out of This MessThe elderly and sick are not expendable.
  3. politics
    Will the 2020s Be the Decade of Eugenics?We think of eugenics as a sin of the past, but it never really went away.
  4. supreme court
    Supreme Court Passes Up Chance to Send Signals in Review of Indiana Abortion LawIn validating fetal-remains requirements and letting a lower court’s decision striking down abortion-intent provisions stand, SCOTUS kept its counsel.
  5. early and awkward
    Very Old New Hampshire Legislator Wants to Send the Defectives to SiberiaHe admits that he is kind of acting like Hitler.