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European Debt

  1. international intrigue
    France Loses AAA Credit Rating As S&P Eyes Eurozone Suspiciously [Updated]The European debt crisis just got more complicated.
  2. bunga bunga
    Silvio Berlusconi’s Greatest (and Most Offensive) HitsIt’s been a wild, often cringe-worthy ride for the Italian Prime Minister.
  3. Silvio Berlusconi Is No Longer the Prime Minister of ItalyMr. “Bunga Bunga” is officially out.
  4. international intrigue
    Berlusconi to Resign After Austerity Measures Pass [Updated]The Italian prime minister has no more majority.
  5. international intrigue
    Berlusconi Denies Resignation Rumors on Facebook’Like.’
  6. international intrigue
    Greece Had a Wacky Day Trying to Figure Out Their BailoutReferendum canceled and Papandreou is still prime minister, for now.
  7. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine’s MF Global Is Now Under Investigation by the FedsThe former New Jersey governor is absorbing most of the blame.
  8. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine Is Not Having a Fun MondayHis firm just died.