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  1. early and often
    Do Evangelicals Think Trump Is Jesus?There are growing signs that MAGA has become gospel among conservative Evangelicals.
  2. early and often
    Ron DeSantis’s Big Evangelical OpportunityWith Evangelical leaders upset over being blamed by Trump for 2022 GOP losses, the governor has a chance to win over a core part of his base.
  3. politics
    The Political Implications of White Evangelical DeclineThe denomination’s ranks are slipping, with potential consequences for the GOP.
  4. evangelicals
    Evangelicals Must Confront Their Toxic Sexual PoliticsThe Atlanta spa shooter’s actions should spur an overdue reckoning within American Evangelicalism.
  5. evangelicals
    No, Evangelicals Aren’t Turning on TrumpChristianity Today may support impeachment, but most white Evangelicals don’t.
  6. politics
    Trump’s Alliance With Evangelicals Is at the Heart of His Anti-Transgender PushTrump must prove himself to his evangelical base, so he’s advancing their belief that gender is fixed by God and traditional roles must be protected.
  7. evangelicals
    Trump Warns Evangelicals That Dems Will Restore a Law That Was Never RepealedThe president keeps claiming he’s gotten rid of the Johnson Amendment, which won’t let tax-exempt entities campaign for politicians. He didn’t.
  8. Franklin Graham Invades ‘Godless’ CaliforniaIn the state where Billy Graham built his national reputation, Franklin Graham has embraced the Christian right activism his father rejected.
  9. As the Parties Have Polarized on Immigration Policy, Hispanic Vote Stays StableThe major parties have been rapidly separating on immigration policy in the very recent past. But other factors have kept the Hispanic vote stable.
  10. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: The Religious Right’s Suicidal Gay ObsessionEvangelical leaders are destroying their own movement by denying the humanity of LGBT people.
  11. profile
    The Culthopping Twins Who Have Been Evangelicals, Rappers, and Digital NomadsThey’ve been juicers, rappers, Evangelicals. One ran for Congress. But no matter where these brothers go, they can’t quite seem to fit in.
  12. today in donald trump
    Top Evangelical Leader Suggests Trump Was Recently Born AgainFocus on the Family founder James Dobson calls Trump “a baby Christian.”
  13. early and often
    Conservative Christian Leaders Meet With Trump, But Still Won’t Endorse HimTrump spoke to thousands of Evangelicals Tuesday night, but Christian leaders are still withholding their endorsements — and at least one has backed Clinton.
  14. Trump Says He’ll Be Neutral in Middle EastRefusing to cozy up with Israel is a dangerous position to take with a lot of Evangelical-dominated southern primaries coming up. 
  15. This Is Ted Cruz’s Only Plausible Route to the Republican NominationIt involves 13 states with one thing in common.
  16. Ted Cruz Is Stealing a Page From Jimmy Carter’s Political PlaybookHow to play foil to a candidate like George Wallace — or Donald Trump.
  17. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Felt ‘Love’ From Black Pastors Who Declined to Publicly Endorse HimStill, he got no mass endorsement.
  18. second comings
    Jesus Coming Soon, Says Michele BachmannThe former congresswoman says that with the Rapture rapidly approaching, it’s time to convert everyone, “even among the Jews.”
  19. Will the Religious Right Have to Accept a Mormon for President?Not if they can help it.
  20. rick perry
    Rick Perry Prays for the NationTexas governor still not officially running for president. Yet.
  21. rick perry
    Will Rick Perry’s Prayerpalooza Backfire?This weekend is Prayerpalooza, Perry’s prom and wedding day and Super Bowl, all wrapped up into one.
  22. from a distance
    Ted Haggard Doesn’t Want to Stand Up in Public and Say, ‘Hey, I’m a Masturbation Guy!’(But he is.)
  23. from a distance
    Another Gay Escort Details Night With Christian-Right LeaderThat’s two. Do we hear three?
  24. from a distance
    Gay Escort Gave Nude Massages to Family Research Council FounderApparently they were both “ministering” to each other.
  25. from a distance
    Christian Right Leader Nabbed Traveling With Gay EscortOh yes.
  26. intel
    Alexandra Pelosi on Ted Haggard’s ‘I’m-Super-Sorry’ Publicity TourWe talked to the filmmaker behind tonight’s HBO documentary ‘The Trials of Ted Haggard.’
  27. early and often
    McCain Already Sputtering?Some Republicans are worried that McCain has failed to capitalize on his months-long head start.
  28. early and often
    Huckabee Is Inside Our Heads, Vice VersaEverybody seems to have Mike Huckabee on the brain today. As he pulls up nearly even with John McCain in South Carolina leading up to the primary there tomorrow, political writers are trying to understand what voters are thinking about the Baptist bass player. Do the Evangelicals matter? Don’t they? Will they even vote for him? It’s a Huckanundrum! • David Brooks reminds us that it can be looked at pretty simply: “It is no accident that the major candidates in the Republican field are a pastor, a businessman and a war hero. These are the three most evocative Republican leadership models.” [NYT] • But Rich Lowry says that this appeal as a pastor has begun cooling with non-Evangelicals. And now that it’s becoming clearer that he lacks the planning to impress voters with his policy ideas. [NYP]
  29. early and often
    Robertson Looks Past Gays, Abortion, Sees RudyRudy scored a huge coup today when, in a speech at the National Press Club, powerful evangelist Pat Robertson announced he would endorse the former New York mayor. Robertson’s announcement will give pause to the many who assumed that if Giuliani won the Republican nomination, there would be low Values Voter turnout in support of him. Earlier this year, Christian leaders like Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission; Tony Perkins, head of the conservative Family Research Council; and James Dobson, leader of Focus on the Family all said they would not support Giuliani’s run. But Robertson, who may hold the most sway of them all, will at least mitigate that influence. This is obviously great for Giuliani, but less so for Robertson. Giuliani is pro-gay and pro-abortion, two of the Values Voters’ biggest no-no’s. So why the plug? We can think of two reasons. One, it adds to the odds that the Christian right won’t have to deal with a Mormon in the White House if the Republicans win, and two, now if Giuliani wins, Robertson can claim he is beholden to the evangelicals. Had he won without any of their support, he would be free of their influence while in power (unlike, say, Bush). Which is kind of a shame. We were sort of looking forward to a general election between two infidels next year, instead of just one. Pat Robertson Endorses Giuliani [WP]