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  1. politics
    Herschel Walker’s Stumper on Evolution: ‘Why Are There Still Apes?’The Trump-backed football legend, who is challenging Senator Raphael Warnock, shared some not-so-deep thoughts.
  2. books
    Can a New Book on ‘Intuitionism’ Explain America’s Political Crisis?Enchanted America explores what makes certain voters believe conspiracy theories and ignore plain evidence.
  3. What the Christian Right Sowed, Trump ReapedA prominent Evangelical who once advised George W. Bush makes the case that his fellow believers lost their way long before falling into Trump’s lap.
  4. fossils
    Scientists Discover Species That Might Have Buried Its Dead — Just Like Humans“This is like opening up Tutankhamen’s tomb. It is that extreme and perhaps that influential in this stage of our history.”
  5. weird science
    Scott Walker’s High-School Science Teacher Scolds Him for Evolution Dodge“He could have manned up a bit.”
  6. Uptown Mice Are Different From Downtown MiceUrban ecologists are studying the evolution of the city’s wildlife.
  7. bang
    Pope Francis Almost Backs Evolution, Big Bang TheoryGod, he says, is not “a magician with a magic wand.”
  8. polls
    Republican Belief in Evolution Is DownBy 11 percent.
  9. the hunt for red november
    Ben Stein, But Not the One You’re Thinking of, Supports Jon Huntsman [Corrected]This one is a Rothschild stepson.
  10. 2012
    Rick Perry’s Porn Issue Probably Isn’t Going to StickHe had some stocks, but they’re long gone.
  11. it’s science
    Do Voters Even Care If a Presidential Candidate Doesn’t Believe in Evolution?Barely.
  12. early and awkward
    Which GOP Presidential Candidates Believe in Evolution?Amazingly, only three of them seem certain.
  13. rick rolling
    Evolution Is Just a ‘Theory That’s Out There,’ According to Rick PerryPerry is making Romney look saner by the day.
  14. evolution
    Macaques Found to Be Even More Like Humans Than Previously SuspectedThey’re into themselves.
  15. sharron angle
    Sharron Angle Will Teach Your Kids Creationism“Why can’t we present both theories to our children and let them choose?”
  16. what the huck?
    Mike Huckabee Does Not Want to Be a Stale Loaf of BreadHe won’t announce whether he’s running until the summer, so people don’t get tired of him.
  17. we feel like we are taking crazy pills
    Here Is What Happens When You Scoff at the Theory of Evolution Before Bothering to Try to Understand ItOh, Glenn Beck.
  18. the new adventures of old christine
    GOP’s Delaware Senate Nominee Christine O’Donnell Not a Big Fan of EvolutionIsn’t it really just some crackpot theory?
  19. bedbugs
    New York, Darwin, and Cimex LectulariousWhy the summer of bedbugs is the new normal for New York City.
  20. weird science
    Missing Link Found, Evolution Continues ApaceOr that’s what scientists are claiming, and now they’re likening themselves to pop stars.