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    Jeffrey Epstein Wanted to Impregnate 20 Women at a Time at His ‘Baby Ranch’And then he was going to freeze his penis.
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    Travel-Horror Twitter Reaches a New Low With This Terrifying Blanket StoryA woman claims to have found poop on her flight.
  3. bad smells
    Authorities Haven’t Found Origin of ‘God Awful’ Smell in Staten Island“It smelled like crabs and tuna in the South Beach area and Kmart Shopping Plaza.” 
  4. ew
    Rand Paul Staffer Licks Camera, Coining New Slogan: ‘Lick Free or Die Hard’Ew, go brush your teeth.
  5. ink-stained wretches
    New York Times Reporters Haunted by Unconquerable ‘Meat Cloud’Health effects include burning eyes and breathing issues.
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    Can You Spot What’s Dead and Disgusting in This Pret a Manger Salad?A camouflaged visitor.
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    NYC Department of Health Has BedbugsEw.
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    Hurricane Sandy Unleashed 11 Billion Gallons of SewageMost from New York and New Jersey.
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    Tea-Party Interns Starred in Video of Hillary Clinton Having Sex With PandaWhen The Shining references go very wrong.
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    ‘Cannibal Cop’ Chat Logs: Vegetarian Women ‘Taste Like Tasty Goat’This stuff is still coming.
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    Ohio Man Swears He Had No Idea Woman He Had Sex With Was DeadYup, he’s that good.
  12. ew
    Nevada Governor Would Be Better Off Just Admitting to AdulteryBut instead he claims he hasn’t had sex with anyone, including his wife, since 1995.
  13. things grandma doesn’t tell you
    Older People Are Now Sexting Each OtherYou knew this day would come.
  14. vermin!
    Bedbugs Target College, Health DepartmentWhere will they attack next?
  15. monsters
    Florida Tries to Copy Us With Their Own ‘Muck Monster’Floridians capture video of their own Montauk Monster: “the Muck Monster.”
  16. gross things
    We Are Still Living in the Age of BedbugsStop living in denial and start preparing, weaklings.