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Ex Presidents

  1. ex-presidents
    Obama, Bush Both Blast Trump Without Saying His NameIn separate speeches on Thursday, the two former presidents aired their grievances about the current occupant of the White House.
  2. early and awkward
    George W. Bush Calls Bill Clinton His ‘Brother From Another Mother’They’ve been teasing each other on social media.
  3. Obama, Bush, and Clinton Enjoy Unusually Comfortable Flight to South AfricaBy regular plane standards, not Air Force One standards.
  4. ex presidents
    George W. Bush Did Another Cat PaintingThese are pretty rare.
  5. ex presidents
    George W. Bush Is Our Costliest Former President$1.3 million a year buys a lot of art supplies.
  6. self-parody
    Bill Clinton Has a Bit of a Wandering EyeWHAT???? That guy?!?!