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  1. exclusive
    Obama Had a Secret Plan in Case Trump Rejected 2016 Election ResultsDisclosed exclusively to Intelligencer by two former aides, it involved ex-presidents and senior GOP figures.
  2. exclusive
    Former Trump Aide Is Being Interviewed by Mueller — and Producing Russian BalletOn Wednesday, the former campaign staffer will answer questions from the special counsel. But that won’t distract from his passion project.
  3. An Exclusive Look at Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope’s Book on Climate Change“We are writing this book because we believe that it’s time for a new type of conversation about climate change.”
  4. blog-stained wretches
    Matt Taibbi Leaves Omidyar’s First Look Media [Updated]“Our differences were never about editorial independence,” says Omidyar.
  5. higher learning
    Horace Mann Investigating ‘Hypercompetitive’ College-Admissions SabotageSomeone sent a letter to schools hoping to screw up a senior’s chances.
  6. exclusive
    Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat Come Out Ahead in Lawsuit Against Warner Bros.The memes will be paid for their likenesses.
  7. exclusive
    A Giant Python Escaped at the Brooklyn Children’s MuseumFantasia got out for a few.
  8. department of dudes
    What Makes Something ‘Men’s Fiction’?So manly. So fictional.