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  1. death penalty
    South Carolina Understands What the Death Penalty Is ForState senators want to execute people by firing squad. That would be as brutal as the death penalty itself.
  2. death penalty
    The Capricious Execution of Daniel Lewis LeeThe federal government has put its first prisoner to death in 17 years. It’s still unclear why.
  3. executions
    Feds Restart Executions, Killing in Our Name During a Deadly PandemicAfter a 17-year hiatus on federal executions, the Justice Department had no good reason to execute prisoners this week.
  4. death penalty
    Americans Are Souring on Capital Punishment. Will It Last?For the first time on record, Americans cite life imprisonment as their preferred punishment for people convicted of murder.
  5. capital punishment
    Arkansas Carries Out First Double Execution in Two DecadesThe state has been rushing to put inmates to death before its lethal-injection drug expires.