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    Do Liberals Think the Supreme Court Will Save Us From Trump?Because that would have to happen to disqualify him from running under the 14th Amendment.
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    Actually, Hunter Biden Is Getting It WorseA bumbling Justice Department and Republican pressure have made the prosecution of the president’s son anything but a “sweetheart deal.”
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    How Much Does Georgia v. Trump Matter?There are diminishing returns to all the prosecutions, but this one is a clear threat to his co-defendants.
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    What to Make of the Hunter Biden Prosecution DebacleWith the collapse of the plea deal and the appointment of a special counsel, the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden got even messier.
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    Is It Possible Trump Will Strike a Plea Deal to Avoid Prison?Chris Christie and others have suggested that abandoning his reelection bid might be the basis for one.
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    How Nancy Pelosi’s Long Game Led to Trump’s IndictmentThe longtime Democratic leader and prominent Trump antagonist played an essential role in the historic indictment of the former president.
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    U.S. v. Trump Is the Most Important Criminal Prosecution in American HistoryDespite the risks, the Justice Department’s case against Donald Trump is necessary and just.
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    Trump’s Former Justice Department Officials Fear a Second TermThe pressure to punish political opponents will be severe. Yet, they say, there is a case to serve.
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    The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Change the Rules of the GameTwo major end-of-term decisions show that John Roberts’s pledge to just call “balls and strikes” was disingenuous.
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    The End of Affirmative Action Is Only the BeginningYet again, the Supreme Court’s conservatives just get rid of precedents that they don’t like.
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    The Supreme Court Rejects a Lunatic Legal Theory of ElectionsA 6-3 ruling tossed a conservative idea that could have allowed state legislatures to overturn elections.
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    7 Dumb Defenses of Trump Since His Latest IndictmentRepublicans are grasping for anything they can to defend him.
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    2024 Is Now the ‘Lock Him Up’ ElectionWhether Biden likes it or not, he will have to defend prosecuting Trump, who will absolutely end the case if he wins.
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    The Chaos Inside Trump’s Legal TeamHis attorneys describe a dysfunctional operation as they expect more indictments.
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    Disney Should Thank DeSantis for His Big Dumb MouthThe biggest asset in its lawsuit claiming to be a victim of political retaliation are his own words.
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    Answering the 3 Biggest Questions About the Fox News SettlementThe last-minute deal left the media scrambling to make sense of a case that was supposed to provide an unprecedented public reckoning.
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    6 Key Things to Watch for in the Dominion vs. Fox News TrialThe courtroom view looks bleak for Murdoch’s company.
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    What to Make of the Case Against TrumpYou can be forgiven for thinking it’s complicated.
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    Michael Cohen Is Already Undermining the Trump ProsecutionImmediately after the indictment, he says he didn’t really mean his guilty plea. Good luck on the witness stand.
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    How Michael Cohen’s Big Mouth Could Be Derailing the Trump ProsecutionCohen wants to put Trump in prison — but he keeps saying things on TV that undermine his value as a key witness.
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    The First Case Against Trump Is … This?The first-ever criminal prosecution of a former president may be over secret payments to an adult-film star. It follows missed opportunities, too.
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    Is Fox News Really Doomed?It certainly appears like they will lose a major lawsuit over election lies.
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    In Defense of the Talkative Trump Grand JurorEmily Kohrs didn’t do anything wrong, and the media’s harsh treatment of the Fulton County foreperson was a gift to Trump’s lawyers.
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    Mark Pomerantz’s Revealing Fight With Alvin Bragg Over TrumpThe untold story of the lost investigation.
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    Biden Throws Trump a LifelineAnd the classified-documents case against the ex-president was no slam dunk to begin with.
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    The January 6 Committee’s Best and Worst Cases Against TrumpThe Justice Department has been given a grab bag of options for prosecution.
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    The Indictment of Sam Bankman-Fried Is a BombshellFederal prosecutors have broken new ground with the shockingly fast arrest of the former king of crypto.
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    The Trump Organization Was Convicted After a Truly Embarrassing DefenseAny lawyer would have a hard time convincing a jury of the company’s innocence, but these lawyers acted like buffoons.
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    The Long Road Ahead for Special Counsel Jack SmithWhat his appointment to lead the Justice Department’s Trump probes does and doesn’t mean — and what to expect next.
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    The Secret Court Battle That Threatens Trump After Election DayOver his objections, federal prosecutors are obtaining potentially crucial testimony about January 6.
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    John Durham Almost Makes Ken Starr Look GoodAnother embarrassing defeat for the supposed savior of Trump’s reputation in Russiagate.
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    It’s Blindingly Clear the Feds Failed to Investigate Trump’s FinancesLetitia James’s fraud lawsuit is also an indictment of the Justice Department.
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    Geoffrey Berman Says the Next Trump Administration Would Be WorseThe former top federal prosecutor in Manhattan had up-close experience with some of the worst figures in the Justice Department.
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    Trump’s Court Victory Is More Dangerous Than It LooksIt’s good to be the former president.
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    Making Sense of the Trump RaidAfter a summer of intense criticism, Merrick Garland’s Justice Department takes its boldest step yet in pursuit of the former president.
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    I Used to Work on Cases Like Twitter v. Musk. Here’s What Will Happen Next.Twitter’s lawsuit against Elon Musk will head to court on October 17. Get ready to watch it with an insider’s eye.
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    Lock Him Up?: 8 Big Takeaways From the January 6 CommitteeThe committee’s latest session encapsulated both the most impressive and most frustrating aspects of these hearings.
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    The Odds Are Going Up That Trump Could Be ChargedCassidy Hutchinson advances the 1/6 committee’s theory of the case, though it’s not a slam dunk.
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    It’s Been a Bad Month for the Donald Trump Innocence ProjectHis media supporters denounce the January 6 hearings as a show trial even as they stand by John Durham, a politically driven prosecutor.