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  1. the money game
    What We’ve Learned About Elon MuskThe drama at Twitter is absurd — and instructive.
  2. explainers
    The One-Page Guide to New York’s New Sports-Betting SceneOnline sports gambling is now legal. Here, how to navigate the seven sports-betting companies that have set up shop.
  3. court appearances
    The Larry Ray Trial, ExplainedAccused of turning a Sarah Lawrence dorm into a cult, Larry Ray is now on trial.
  4. court appearances
    The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, ExplainedThe close Jeffrey Epstein associate faces sex-trafficking and conspiracy charges. Who is she?
  5. explainers
    What Is Going on With Trump’s Pizza Tweet?A very quick explainer.
  6. wildfires
    PG&E Power Shutdown: Why California Is Going DarkAs many as 800,000 California homes will have their power cut Wednesday in an attempt to avoid wildfires.
  7. niche drama
    This Female Twitter Comic Was Actually a Man Pretending to Be His Own WifeAn intoxicatingly inane Twitter scandal, explained.
  8. politics
    Roger Stone Allegedly Threatened to Kidnap This Precious DogEverything we know about sweet Bianca, who comes up in Stone’s recent indictment.
  9. explainers
    Beyond Russia: Understanding the New Trump Campaign Collusion StoryEverything we know about the newly revealed Trump Tower meeting, the alleged collusion offer from a Gulf State emissary, and what it all might mean.
  10. explainers
    How Brazil Went From Neoliberal Success Story to Political Chaos in 10 YearsAnd what that tells us about Robert Mueller and Donald Trump.
  11. just asking questions
    What the Hell Is Happening in Myanmar?The military is conducting a genocidal campaign against an ethnic minority, all under the watch of a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
  12. q&a
    What the Hell Is Happening in Venezuela?The socialist nation is in free fall. The Times’ Andes bureau chief clues us in on what’s going on and what might come next.
  13. A Beginner’s Guide to the Many Investigations Involving Mayor Bill de BlasioThere are at least five (that we know of). 
  14. How to Get Nominated for a Nobel Peace PrizeThat prize is unprofitable and failing! Sad!
  15. 2016
    The Press Isn’t Asking Enough Questions About Hillary’s Trip to ChipotleWe know so little.
  16. karaoke
    Watch Our Karaoke Explainer on the Salvation ArmyJust in time for the holidays.
  17. international intrigue
    What’s Happening in Hong Kong? Protest ExplainerExcessive force by police has helped a student sit-in explode.
  18. bring back our girls
    Who Is Boko Haram Leader Abubakar Shekau?Meet the man behind the terror.