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Eye Of Newt

  1. eye of newt
    Five Reasons Why Newt Gingrich Should Keep Running, ForeverWe mean, have you SEEN this race?
  2. tina brown’s vivid imagination
    Tina Brown Now Just Putting Nipples on the Cover of Her Magazine to Move CopiesShould ‘Newsweek’ be wrapped in brown parchment?
  3. eye of newt
    Gingrich Sued for Using ‘Eye of the Tiger’ Throughout CampaignSurvivor is kicking Newt when he’s down.
  4. eye of newt
    Mitt Romney Is Coming for Your Kosher Food, Old Florida JewsNewt Gingrich is now throwing the kitchen sink.
  5. eye of newt
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Gingrich’s StrategyStep one: Stay mad.
  6. Herman Cain Rethinks Non-Endorsement, Goes With Newt ‘Bold Ideas’ GingrichUnclear the effect, if any, it will have on Newt’s lagging poll numbers.
  7. Gingrich Goes Nuclear With ‘Dishonest Mitt’ AdMike Huckabee lashes out over quote of his used in one of the ads.
  8. eye of newt
    John Heilemann on MSBC: Is Newt’s Campaign Almost Dead?R.I.P. the Angry Teddy Bear.
  9. eye of newt
    Why Gingrich’s Wife Would Make a Great First LadyA curious thing happened during an otherwise forgettable segment.
  10. eye of newt
    Bob Dole Could Never Understand What Newt Gingrich Was Doing With That BucketBob Dole hates Newt Gingrich.
  11. eye of newt
    This Is What Newt Gingrich Looks Like When He’s LyingRemember this expression.
  12. to infinity and beyond
    Which One of These Is a Real Newt Gingrich Idea?And which is fake?
  13. eye of newt
    Nancy Pelosi’s Secret Is Something Everyone in America Already KnowsThis was a letdown.
  14. eye of newt
    John Heilemann on Hardball: Newt Gingrich Is Now Calm and Collected?“Not the Gingrich we saw in South Carolina.”
  15. eye of newt
    Gingrich: Affairs Make Me ‘More Normal’If Romney banged more mistresses, he might understand the “human condition.”
  16. eye of newt
    That Gingrich Bounce in Florida That Everyone Expected? It’s Happened!He’s up by eight or nine points over Mitt Romney, according to two new polls. 
  17. eye of newt
    Newt’s Humblebrag Victory Speech“It is not that I am a good debater.”
  18. Aide: Newt Will Win, But That’s Good for Mitt“I think it’s been a terrible week for Gingrich and a great week for us.”
  19. eye of newt
    Why a Thrice-Married Repeat Adulterer Would Make a Good PresidentSomeone wrote this, and we don’t think he was joking.
  20. eye of newt
    What Newt’s Open Marriage Request Does to the Callista Fairy TaleProbably not good things.
  21. eye of newt
    Marianne Gingrich on Nightline: Newt Requested Divorce on the PhoneJust in time for the South Carolina primary.
  22. eye of newt
    Gingrich Laces Into John King for Opening CNN Debate With Question About Ex-Wife’s AccusationsFireworks.
  23. eye of newt
    Gingrich Allegedly Asked Ex-Wife for an Open MarriageThis isn’t going to go over well with anyone. 
  24. eye of newt
    ABC News May Air Controversial Interview With Gingrich’s Ex-Wife Marianne on Thursday Thanks for the memories.
  25. eye of newt
    Did Newt’s Other Wives Brush His Teeth for Him?Seems reasonable.
  26. Gingrich Plagued by Campaign Snafus in South CarolinaBooed at Huckabee forum, failed to show up at barbecue.
  27. eye of newt
    GOP’s Great Ideas Man Taunts Mitt Romney for Speaking FrenchNewt Gingrich is really scraping the bottom of the barrel now.
  28. eye of newt
    Gingrich Supporter Sheldon Adelson Denies Involvement in Anti-Romney DocumentaryAdelson is not anti-capitalist. He’s pro-Newt.
  29. eye of newt
    100 Person Poll: What Is ‘Newt’ Short For?Do people know?
  30. eye of newt
    Rudy Giuliani Calls Newt Gingrich the Worst Thing in the WorldSaul Alinsky.
  31. eye of newt
    Things That Are Obama’s Fault, Part MCVI: Newt Gingrich’s Bad Campaign StrategyCome on, Obama!
  32. occupy newt gingrich’s free speech
    Peeved Newt Gingrich Suggests That Occupy Protesters Curbed His Free SpeechThe First Amendment is all fun and games until protesters protest when Newt wants to speak.
  33. stuck in the mittle
    Newt Gingrich Calls Mitt Romney a Liar… liar, pants on fire.
  34. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich Cried TodayHe was talking about his deceased mom.
  35. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich: Polygamist?According to this one dude, yes!
  36. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich Claims He Didn’t Write the 2006 ‘Newt Note’ Praising RomneyCareOf course. Why would Newt Gingrich have authored a “Newt Note” written in the first person?
  37. eye of newt
    Moments in the Life of Newt Gingrich and Their Historical EquivalentsEverything that happens to Newt Gingrich is just like that world-changing historical event.
  38. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich, HeartbreakerShe wasn’t First Lady material.
  39. eye of newt
    NewtGingrich.com Redirects to the Candidate’s Most Embarrassing MomentsSomeone is playing an Internet prank.
  40. the national interest
    It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like RomneyNewt Gingrich’s collapse is accelerating.
  41. eye of newt
    Iowa Christian Group Split Over Gingrich EndorsementLeader says yes, members say no.
  42. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich: Freddie Mac Money Went to Overhead, Not My PocketBecause that’s totally what was bothering people.
  43. eye of newt
    New Iowa Leaflet: ‘Attention Christians! Newt Gingrich Is Pro-Abortion!’From Ocheyedan, Iowa ministry called Rescue the Perishing.
  44. the national interest
    The Re-Newtening?A cash lifeline for Newt Gingrich.
  45. stuck in the mittle
    Newt Gingrich Is a Science-Loving Job-Killer, Says New Romney AdAnd one time, he sat very close to Nancy Pelosi.
  46. eye of newt
    New Gingrich Super PAC Conjures ReaganThe Super PAC’s website references — who else? — Ronald Reagan.
  47. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich Signed a ‘No Adultery’ PledgeIt’s the same pledge he refused to sign this summer.
  48. eye of newt
    Ron Paul Puts Newt Gingrich in His Cyber-CrosshairsThe GOP front-runner is Paul’s target in a goofy-looking but serious new ad.
  49. Gingrich Fends Off Attacks in Iowa GOP DebateMitt Romney loses the narrative with $10,000 bet.
  50. Most Biting Criticisms of Gingrich’s ‘Invented’ CommentWinner: “ignorant, provocative, and racist.”
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