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  1. flying is a nightmare!
    Why Air Travel Melted Down … AgainThe FAA temporarily grounded flights Wednesday, just weeks after Southwest stranded thousands of passengers.
  2. into the wild
    Plane vs. Bird: The Dark Side of Human-Aviation RelationsThe surprising insights of an FAA manual on wildlife management.
  3. unsolved mysteries
    Who’s Behind Those Mystery Drone Swarms? An InvestigationA deep dive into FAA records offers a short list of suspects who have acquired the needed permits.
  4. ufos
    About Those Mystery Drone Swarms Over Colorado …It is ominous that so many robot planes can operate for so long, over so huge an area, without anyone — even the authorities — knowing what they are.
  5. transportation
    Report: Self-Regulation of Boeing 737 MAX May Have Led to Major FlawsBoeing reportedly pressured the FAA to expedite the regulation of the 737 MAX’s flight control system, and handled key parts of the process by itself.
  6. No Immigration or Obamacare Deals As Huge Spending Bill Shambles Toward PassageMost of the controversial riders are out, but modest gun measures could yet be enacted.
  7. Republicans Are Hunkering Down for a Long Legislative WinterThe party came into power promising a string of high-speed victories. Now, after a lot of screwups and delays, it’s mired down.
  8. WATCH: Crash-Test Dummies Are Getting Pummeled by Drones NowFor science!
  9. FAA Issues Flight Restrictions Near Trump TowerThe directives are intended to protect locations that may be targeted by terrorists. This one is in effect until Inauguration Day.
  10. drones vs. humans
    FAA to Make You Register Your DroneThe last days of drone freedom.
  11. attack of the drones
    Proposed FAA Rules Would Open Skies to Commercial DronesAs soon as 2017.
  12. missouri’s finest
    Report: Ferguson No-Fly Zone Was Aimed at MediaBy enforcing a no-fly zone over the area.
  13. technology
    Drones and Everything AfterThe flying, spying, killing machines that are turning humans into superheros.
  14. the future is now
    Filmmakers Can Start Using Drones in the U.S. The FAA is expected to approve their use on film sets.
  15. war in the middle east
    FAA Lifts Ban on U.S. Flights to IsraelBloomberg’s stunt actually worked.
  16. Bloomberg Is Flying to Israel to Protest the FAA BanHe’s flying commercial, though he owns a private plane.
  17. the future
    You Still Can’t Use Your Cell Phone on an Airplane, Thank GodBut the FAA has expanded use of most other electronics.
  18. flying the friendly skies
    FAA Likely to Allow Electronics As Soon As Next YearE-readers are in; e-mail is out.
  19. FAA Says You May Never Have to Turn Off Your Electronics AgainFlight rules will likely be loosened.
  20. the friendly skies
    People Pretty Much Ignoring the FAA’s Cell Phone RuleSome 30 percent don’t power down while flying.
  21. unfriendly skies
    Senate Passes FAA Furlough-Aversion BillBorrows from airport improvement funds to keep air-traffic controllers at work.
  22. congress
    Congress Reaches Deal to End FAA ShutdownThe short-term extension will put 74,000 back to work.
  23. congress
    After Debt Agreement, Congress Gets Back to BusinessNo one does a stalemate quite like those guys.
  24. da plane
    FAA Suspends Air Traffic Controller for Watching a Movie on the JobIt was a Samuel L. Jackson flick!
  25. plane problems
    FAA Orders Industry-Wide Inspection of PlanesAfter last week’s Southwest debacle.
  26. unidentified flying objects
    UFOs in Chelsea?“Some people saw something described as yellow with blue lights surrounding it.”
  27. da plane! da plane!
    Is the FAA Too Skittish About Plane Scares Now?We can handle the sight of an airplane. Thanks, though.
  28. terrorists of the sky
    Despite FAA’s Best Efforts, Bird-Strike Data to Be Made PublicScore one for the terrain-bound forces of good.
  29. terrorists of the sky
    FAA in Cahoots With Bird Terrorists!The federal agency is trying to suppress all reports of successful avian attacks.
  30. the morning line
    Jersey Boys • So some TV show had its finale last night? Depending on whom you believe, the ending was either terrible (“Chase will have to live with what he did last night,” says Stasi in the Post), simply mediocre (“It didn’t end,” says Bianculli in the News. “It just stopped”), or a near-ideal conclusion to the series (“a perfectly imperfect finish,” according to Heffernan in the Times). We’re just wondering: How many people started calling Time Warner, convinced their cable had gone out? [NYP, NYDN, NYT]
  31. early and often
    Planes Over Manhattan Not the Best Idea, Pataki Finally RealizesCory Lidle’s death yesterday was a tragedy. But some good might come from it. A mere five years after 9/11, as New York’s Chris Smith reports, it finally prompted Governor George Pataki to ask the FAA to ban uncharted private aircraft from flying over the city. Smith has Pataki’s statement in Early and Often. Lidle Tragedy Wakes Pataki From Slumber [Early and Often]