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  1. goldman gods
    Fabulous Fab’s Trial Is Main Street’s Last Chance for Crisis CatharsisWith Fabrice Tourre’s trial, the SEC has its last shot at punishing a banker for the housing collapse.
  2. ink-stained wretches
    Wait, the Times Had Access to Fabrice Tourre’s Private E-mails This Whole Time?Is that ethical?
  3. good ship galleon
    How Wall Street Name-Dropping Doomed Raj RajaratnamFlaunt ‘em if you’ve got ‘em, even if the government is listening.
  4. fab fab
    Fabrice Tourre ‘Relied’ on Goldman SachsAnd they let him down.
  5. fab fab
    Fabrice Tourre Is Goldman Sachs’s Sacrificial LambThe settlement does not cover the fabulous creator of Abacus.
  6. tour de tourre
    Fabulous Fab: ‘I Deny — Categorically — the SEC’s Allegation’The Goldman vice-president will defend himself in Washington this morning.
  7. fab fab
    Fabulous Fab Is a Player in More Than One WayReleased e-mails reveal much about the Goldman trader’s personal and professional lives.
  8. fab fab
    Fabulous Fab Goes to WashingtonThe bond-selling bon vivant at the center of the SEC’s investigation of Goldman Sachs will defend his good name.
  9. the rich hunt
    Mon Dieu! Attacked by Unfriendly Politicians, Fab Fab Flees BritainThe French salesman at the center of the SEC’s case against Goldman Sachs has left unfriendly England.
  10. fi-cri fallout
    Goldman’s ‘Fabulous Fab’ Expected to Be the Only One Left Standing When the Market CollapsedThe Goldman VP was impressed with himself for figuring out how to game the system with “complex, highly leveraged, exotic trades he created without necessarily understanding all of the implications!”