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    Apple Could Be Putting Face ID and Touch ID in the Same iPhoneA patent suggests Touch ID may reappear in future generations of the iPhone.
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    Your Kid Might Be Able to Unlock Your iPhone XTurns out, the most credible threat to your $1,000 iPhone’s super-high-tech security system is your child.
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    Hackers Say All It Takes Is a Good Mask to Fool the iPhone X’s Face IDApple promised Face ID was twice as secure as Touch ID. But is it?
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    Snapchat May Soon Generate Bitmoji Using Facial RecognitionThe new feature is hinted at in a recent patent application.
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    You’ll Soon Be Able to Sign In to Facebook With Your FaceGet ready for Face(book) ID.
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    What Happens When Your Face Is Your Password?Turns out, tying some of your most private data to one of your most public features is more complicated than it seems.
  7. Apple’s New Face ID Makes ‘Animoji’ Possible▶️ In which Craig Federighi clucks like a chicken.
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    Replacing Touch ID With Face ID Is a Worse Idea Than You ThinkPrepare to give your phone even more of your attention.
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    Yes, You Can Unlock the New iPhone With Your Face. Here’s How It Works.Everything you wanted to know about Apple’s new “Face ID,” but were afraid to ask.