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  1. zuck to the future
    In First Post-IPO Appearance, Mark Zuckerberg Plays DefenseThe boy billionaire got his groove back.
  2. business
    Who Drove the Facebook Disaster?*All investment banks quickly put fingers on own noses.*
  3. business
    Nasdaq CEO’s Facebook Damage Control Undone by Lack of In-Flight Wi-FiRobert Greifeld will check the “Wi-Fi Flights Only” box on Kayak next time. 
  4. business
    UBS Sustains Reported $350 Million Loss on Facebook IPOIt’s blaming Nasdaq.
  5. wall street
    Nasdaq to Facebook Investors: Our BadA $40 million mea culpa.
  6. Mark Zuckerberg’s Nightmare Comes to LifeIn 2010, a prescient analyst worried about what might happen to Facebook if it went public. His name? Mark Zuckerberg.
  7. technology
    Facebook, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs All Sued Over IPO DebacleShareholders are really not happy.
  8. technology
    Facebook Stock Sinks Below IPO PriceThe second-day slump is upon us.
  9. Nasdaq ‘Humbly Embarrassed’ by Botched Facebook IPOTechnical problems contributed to the lackluster debut.
  10. newly rich people weddings
    Mark Zuckerberg’s Relationship Status Now Reads ‘Married’Guests thought they were attending his girlfriend’s graduation party.
  11. lady business
    Where Was Randi Zuckerberg During Facebook’s IPO?At a lady-networking conference, naturally.
  12. technology
    The Richest of Facebook’s Filthy Rich IPO WinnersWho’s making how much today?
  13. technology
    Facebook Debuts on Wall Street, But Stock Finishes Almost Flat [Updated]Here we go!
  14. facebook ipo mania
    Facebook to Raise $16 Billion in IPO Based on $104 Billion Valuation [Updated]On sale Friday: 421 million golden tickets.
  15. facebook ipo mania
    Facebook to Offer 25 Percent More Shares in IPO It’s growing. Again.
  16. technology
    GM Dropping $10 Million in Facebook Ads Because They Don’t WorkThe company says the free corporate pages are good enough.
  17. technology
    Facebook IPO Is Just the Beginning, Says Paul Ford“There’s still a zillion things it can do to make money.”
  18. spin wars
    The Facebook IPO Spin War Has BegunBloomberg: IPO demand is “weak.” Reuters and CNBC: IPO is “oversubscribed.”
  19. you know what’s cool?
    Facebook Co-founder Eduardo Saverin Ditches U.S. Citizenship Ahead of IPOJust seemed like a good time.
  20. white men with money
    Should Mark Zuckerberg Ditch His Signature Hoodie?One analyst says it’s a sign of “immaturity.”
  21. technology
    Can Regular People Buy Facebook Stock?Maybe! But probably not.
  22. technology
    Facebook IPO Playing Modest With Valuation Under $100 BillionShares will be probably be priced between $28 and $35.
  23. you know what’s cool?
    Facebook IPO Set for May 18, Road Show to Begin MondayFacebook updated its status.
  24. technology
    Mark Zuckerberg Bought Instagram Without Really Asking the Facebook BoardThe CEO wants everyone to know who’s in charge.
  25. technology
    Facebook Set to File $5 Billion IPO on WednesdayMorgan Stanley won the prized lead status.
  26. technology
    Facebook Can Practically Taste That $10 Billion IPOIt could come in April or June of 2012.
  27. technology
    Facebook Waiting Until Late 2012 for IPO?There’s no rush, according to a new report.