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    Trump Releases Footage of Yet-to-Air 60 Minutes InterviewThe president told Lesley Stahl he wasn’t ready for tough questions, then cut things short after some tough questions.
  2. satire
    Source: Biden to Debate Wearing Brain Implant, ‘Super Bazooka’ ArmsThe Democratic nominee refused to consent to pre-debate brain scan to prove that there is no AI homunculus lodged behind his eyes.
  3. the zucc
    How Facebook Fact-Checking Can BackfireThe “implied truth effect” means that Facebook’s fact-checking process may be worse than doing nothing.
  4. fake news
    How a (Mostly) Fake Campus Controversy Illustrates the Media’s Outrage EconomyThe now-famous bánh mì protests at Oberlin were mostly invented by the media. The interesting part is why.
  5. fake news
    Five Signs a Viral Story Is FakeA guide to keep you from getting duped.
  6. fake news
    When It Comes to Viral Twitter, Trust But VerifyShane Morris tweeted an insane story about stealing heroin from a member of MS-13. Now he’s saying it was all lies.
  7. facebook
    Fake News Is an Old-People ProblemA new study shows the most fake news is shared by people older than 65.
  8. life in pixels
    Fake News Isn’t Just a Problem for Facebook. It’s Also a Solution!Having learned about the dangerous effects of “fake news” influence campaigns, Facebook has finally landed on a solution: Create its own.
  9. scams
    Jacob Wohl Demonstrates the Limits of the Right-Wing Misinformation SystemJacob Wohl was easily sussed out because he developed in the hothouses of the right-wing fringe and couldn’t survive the harsh climes of reality.
  10. fake news
    Trump: Why Didn’t the Media Blame Obama for Dylann Roof Attacking Black People?The president says the media is biased because it associated him with Cesar Sayoc but “didn’t do that with President Obama, with the church.”
  11. Trump’s Base Has Become Too Delusional For the GOP’s Own GoodRepublican voters believe that Trump is wildly popular and Democrats have no chance of taking the House. That could keep them at home this November.
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    Egyptian ‘Fake News’ Law Could Censor Social-Media UsersWhile Facebook remains muted on how to handle fake news, Egypt has issued its own legislation, which critics fear will censor social media.
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    Facebook Won’t Ban Infowars Because … Honestly It Doesn’t Have a Good ReasonFacebook called Infowars “really problematic,” but said it hasn’t done anything to warrant being banned.
  14. Trump Denies Saying Something He Was Recorded SayingA day after The Sun recorded him criticizing British PM Theresa May, Trump said he never criticized her. Then he apologized for criticizing her.
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    Tech Companies Are Fighting Election Interference on Their OwnThe DHS and FBI have apparently been no help.
  16. ‘Murdered’ Russian Journalist Shows Up Alive at Press ConferenceUkraine’s security service helped Arkady Babchenko fake his death so they could catch his would-be assassin, officials said Wednesday.
  17. Trump: Leakers Are Cowards, Traitors, Also Do Not ExistThe president explores the mind-bending frontiers of unreality he has created.
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    I Had to Teach My Alexa That Eggplants Were FruitEgg-plant, egg-plahnt. Let’s call the whole thing off.
  19. Missouri Governor Greitens Is Going Down Kicking and ScreamingThe Republican is facing a criminal trial, possible impeachment, and growing calls from his own party for his resignation.
  20. fake news
    News Anchors Reciting Sinclair Propaganda Is Even More Terrifying in UnisonA new video demonstrates how the real “fake news” has never been more synchronized.
  21. march for our lives
    People Are Sharing Fake Photos of Emma González Tearing Up the ConstitutionIt’s not the first time false propaganda has been spread about the outspoken Parkland survivors.
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    Study: Fake News on Twitter Is More Popular Than the TruthA new MIT study finds people, not bots, are to blame.
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    Guess Which Group Shared the Most Fake News in the Last 3 MonthsA new study looks at Twitter and Facebook posts in the weeks leading up to the State of the Union.
  24. Trump Booed at Davos for Calling Media ‘Vicious and Fake’The president’s prepared remarks were inoffensive (if braggadocious). Then, he went off script.
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    Pope Francis Denounces Fake NewsA frequent target of misinformation asks his followers to promote a “journalism of peace.”
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    Donald Trump Wins His Own Fake News AwardHe finally revealed the winners … in a broken link to the GOP’s website.
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    Shortly After Trump Tower Fire, Fake News Claims Trump Was ‘Feared Dead’The metabolism of fake news is speeding up.
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    Sean Hannity Thinks NBC News Should Learn a Thing or Two From, Uh, NBC NewsThe Fox host tweeted a link asking NBC News to “read and learn.” The link was from NBC News.
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    Shockingly, Facebook’s Disputed News-Flagging System Was a FlopInstead, the platform is going to try something new, again, to combat fake news.
  30. The Trump Administration’s Latest Attack on the Rule of Law Is Actually GoodIn blocking the AT&T–Time Warner merger, the Justice Department appears to be doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.
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    Can Facebook Trust Publishers to Say How Trustworthy They Are?Facebook is asking publishers to self-report how reliable they are. Should we believe the process will work?
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    Facebook’s Abandoned Plan to Stop Fake News: Promoting Comments Saying ‘Fake’Commenters using the word “fake” to describe content got a bump.
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    This Might Be the Most Insane and Depressing Fake-News Story YetNo, Columbia students didn’t march in open defense of pedophilia. Yes, tens of thousands of people — at least — thought they did.
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    Facebook’s Tactics to Stop Fake News Work (After It’s Spread for 3 Days)Is Facebook’s fake-news flagging system actually doing anything?
  35. Trump Threatens to Revoke NBC’s License to Broadcast NewsThe president has said, “I love the First Amendment. Nobody loves it better than me.”
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    Dow Jones Accidentally Publishes Fake Headlines Saying Google Bought AppleWhoops!
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    Does Even Mark Zuckerberg Know What Facebook Is?The same company that gives you birthday reminders also helped ensure the integrity of the German elections.
  38. The One Flaw in John Kelly’s Plan to Control the Info Trump SeesSo long as the president has an internet connection, he’s bound to read — and, occasionally retweet — all manner of far-right wing nuts.
  39. Trump’s Base Shrinks, As His Approval Rating Hits All-Time LowDespite inheriting a strong economy, Trump has lost significant ground with GOP voters, 200 days into his presidency.
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    Facebook Promises It’s Doing More Stuff on the Fake-News FrontNow you can get related articles.
  41. Exactly How Close Was the White House to Fox News’ Fake Seth Rich Story?The Trump administration and Ed Butowsky, the conservative commentator at the center of a new lawsuit, can’t seem to agree.
  42. Poll: Most GOP Voters Say Courts Should Fine News Outlets for Biased StoriesAnd 45 percent say courts should be able to “shut down” biased media. Meanwhile, 49 percent of Trump voters say he won the popular vote.
  43. Report: UAE Orchestrated Qatar Feud by Spreading Fake NewsIn supporting the blockade of Qatar, the president appears to have fallen for a fraud perpetrated by hackers in the United Arab Emirates.
  44. Trump’s Big Political Asset Is Supporters Who Believe Any Negative News Is FakeGOP “base” voters have long regarded the media as “biased” allies of their enemies. It’s taken Trump to convince them any bad news is just made up.
  45. Sinclair Orders Stations to Air Commentary From Ex-Trump Aide 9 Times a WeekThe pro-Trump local-news giant has tripled the number of Boris Epshteyn segments that all its affiliates must air each week.
  46. Trump: James Comey’s Leaks Were ‘So Illegal!’In his morning tweetstorm, the president also suggested that the media would never be as hard on Chelsea Clinton as it is on Ivanka.
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    Signs You’re a Spammer: Posting IncessantlyFacebook is making a slight tweak using a simple metric.
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    Twitter Is Experimenting With a Button to Flag ‘Fake News’The platform is reportedly considering a feature which would let users flag fake stories.
  49. Trump’s $110 Billion Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia Doesn’t ExistThe president appears to have rebranded as a done deal a years-old wish list of stuff the Saudis would like to buy someday.
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    How Fake News Happens: Hillary EditionA compelling demonstration of the fake-news cycle.
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