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Fake Trends

  1. ink-stained wretches
    New York Times Declares Monocle Is Back in Single Greatest Trend PieceIt stands alone, much like the imaginary lens in a hipster’s eye.
  2. fake trends
    The Myth of Millionaire Tax MigrationThe Times invents a West Coast trend.
  3. ink-stained wretches
    Babyccinos: A Media-Made Fake Trend MonsterEvery newspaper in town has rushed to cover the week’s fluffiest story.
  4. spin it to win it
    People Are Entertaining Business Clients at the GymOf course they are.
  5. white families with money
    The Times Explains Why Taking Private Jets to Summer Camp Makes Sense“Sense.”
  6. fake trends
    The New Office Trend: Naked Fridays“Now that we’ve seen each other naked, there are no barriers.”